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MKMMA WEEK 15: The Invincible Weapon…and The Ben Franklin Makeover Begins!!!

The Invincible Weapon in My Hands

The Invincible Weapon in My Hands

This is my 15th week in the incredible Master Keys (MKMMA) journey and I want to tell you about the beginning of the Franklin Makeover.  No, not a TV show but I am actually going to get a Makeover and I can’t wait for the results.

However, first let’s talk about the the discovery I made this week of “The Invincible Weapon in My Hands”.  Now I am a Canadian and to all my friends reading this, I am not talking about a semi-automatic, or some kind of a Tommy Gun…pardon the pun!

Are you ready to learn about this invincible weapon?  Then let’s keep reading… Continue reading