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MKMMA WEEK 16: Two Women Stole My Heart with Kindness



This week 16 in the Master Keys Course was a stunning experience!  As you know from my previous blogs, I have been getting a personal MAKEOVER…

What on Earth is that all about you might say if you are reading this for the first time.  One thing we know is that what you think about manifests itself, and what you forget about atrophies.

The Natural Laws we live with focus on some fundamental principles and one of them is “Give More, Get More”  How does this all tie itself to my breakthrough this week?   Continue reading

MKMMA WEEK 15: The Invincible Weapon…and The Ben Franklin Makeover Begins!!!

The Invincible Weapon in My Hands

The Invincible Weapon in My Hands

This is my 15th week in the incredible Master Keys (MKMMA) journey and I want to tell you about the beginning of the Franklin Makeover.  No, not a TV show but I am actually going to get a Makeover and I can’t wait for the results.

However, first let’s talk about the the discovery I made this week of “The Invincible Weapon in My Hands”.  Now I am a Canadian and to all my friends reading this, I am not talking about a semi-automatic, or some kind of a Tommy Gun…pardon the pun!

Are you ready to learn about this invincible weapon?  Then let’s keep reading… Continue reading


Disney's Movie

In week 14 of the Master Key course we were asked to watch any of 4 movies and blog about them.  For 13 weeks now we have discovered that Persistence is not a characteristic but 4 tiny habits….

Who would have thought that Walt Disney revealed these 4 tiny habits in a movie about the 1988 Jamaican Bobsled team, a team that if you know the story, came to the Calgary Olympics in Canada as underdogs, and in some cases the laughing stocks of the Bobsled competition.  They astonishingly returned to Jamaica after the Olympics as National Hero’s and then came back to the next Olympics as equals…

How could anyone in a country like Jamaica, with no cold temperatures, no snow, no ice to practise on, and never before a Bobsled Olympic athlete, become Hero’s in the sport?  And what were the 4 tiny habits that apply to anyone who has mastered Persistence?  I’d like to tell you the story and then reveal those habits to you. Continue reading


I stumbled upon Blue Roses today because every year on Boxing Day we travel to my mother’s for a family get together.  My mom is a gift from God and an incredible woman in her senior years now, and if it wasn’t for the trip to her home today I wouldn’t be blogging about Blue Roses!  As we travelled to mom’s, about a 20 minute car ride from our home, my wife Astonishing Anna and daughter Kalinda stopped at a flower shop to pick up something special.  Anytime I can write about the other two special women in my life, it is simply a blessing.  Alas, we saw the cooler of flowers and my daughter stopped stunningly in her tracks and picked these Blue Roses…and I took a picture of them on the hood of our car asBLUE ROSES you can see here…so incredible they were.  Not only is Blue my favourite colour since I can recall, but my personality profile is a Blue.  Don’t worry about the definition of this, Blue’s are driven by intimacy and relationships with others.  So what does all this have to do with the Master Key Part 13 this week…and more importantly…how do blue roses explain “why the dreams of the dreamer come true”… Continue reading

MKMMA WEEK 12: I built a Village for 100 Children this week!!

Every year in December I have been completing a ritual that for some reason last few years I have procrastinated on completing…but this year I have given it new meaning and the experience was magical!  Week 12 of the Master Key is breathtaking and I applied the knowledge from the last 12 weeks to this astonishing development…I built a Village for 100 Children this week!!!  An enchanted place where neglected children will live and realize dreams…



It’s a snowy day and the children are all out and about in the snow, making preparations for an enchanted evening by the fireplace or carolling at the doorstep of each others homes.  Some will bake cookies and others will huddle together and read books and bring their holiday dreams to life…there is a lot going on in the village today and soon a visitor will come, bringing love and happiness to the children as they sleep dreaming and thinking of nothing but positive thoughts. Continue reading


It’s December 14th and the Master Key Week 11 is almost history, Week 12 is beginning tomorrow.  How do Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires, helping others, and a troubled youth connect together and appear to have commonality?  Want to know more?

SNOW TIRES BMWWe all know many who have achieved the seemingly impossible, who have realized life long dreams, who have changed everything including themselves.  The ever available, when it was most needed, irresistible power is simply an understanding of certain definite fundamentals and then proper application.  Confused?  Trust me, so was I but if you want to unlock the knowledge and understand how Snow Tires and this power changed my life, keep reading… Continue reading

MKMMA WEEK 10: Nobody Succeeds Without the Power of a Mastermind.

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

It’s almost time for week 11 and I had a major breakthrough this week.  During the past week as many of my colleagues in MKMMA know, we did not have our weekly Mastermind webinar.  Masterminding with others is powerful.  What I didn’t realize before, and after 30 years of work in Corporate America it wasn’t taught to me by any business school,  was that Continue reading

MKMMA WEEK 9: Grey Cup/Superbowl won by the Corpus Collosum??

CFL ChaliceIt’s WEEK 9 of MKMMA and there I am, holding the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup!  The Holy Grail of Canadian Football.  In America I believe you call it the Superbowl!  What has all this to do with MKMMA Week 9 and how we learn in 7 different ways…?  Well I know what you are thinking…Tommy Gun has gone completely crazy talking about Football…and lost sight of his Hero’s Journey….

If you are prepared to read further, let me explain what’s goin on here… Continue reading

WEEK 8: PRESS RELEASE “Hero’s Journey Centre Opens”…Imagination of a Boy to a Man…



Hero’s Journey Centre Opens and Tommy Gun Launches “From the Edge and Back, a Hero’s Journey”


By Anthony James Collins, Canadian United Press

December 31, 2016

VANCOUVER BC, CANADA – Local Entrepreneur and business tycoon Tom Dutta (aka Tommy Gun) announced today the opening of the Hero’s Journey Centre in Vancouver, a place where children and youth from all over the world will come to take their “Hero’s Journey”.  At the opening Tommy Gun also launched his new book “From the Edge and Back, A Hero’s Journey”. Continue reading


…Emerson’s Law has me taking a journey “Back to the Future”. Stay tuned for the PRESS RELEASE…it will be Astonishing!

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

It’s November 16 a cool Saturday afternoon in Vancouver British Columbia Canada and I have recently returned from a 10 day Cruise to Europe that manifested itself through the Master Key teachings. Want to flash forward and live your DMP “Definiteness of Purpose”  then flash back again recharged to never give up manifesting it? Continue reading