Hi, thank you for dropping by, my name is Tommy Gun.Tommy Gun

Actually, my real name is Tom Dutta and I spent 30 years in Corporate North America helping build and grow companies in the Banking, Insurance, IT and Telecom sectors. I’ve held roles up to and including President and CEO and I created millions of dollars in shareholder wealth until the day I made an astonishing discovery, a discovery only 5 percent of people in the world will ever know.

They called me a “hired gun” in Corporate North America. I was hired to make tough decisions and change cultures, taking companies into the “blue ocean” where many had not gone before. Those companies were reborn and became Iconic brands worldwide. I started thinking about how to take that specialized knowledge and help average people.

My wife Anna and I were living in quiet desperation, like many, never being home enough with our family, not having what we needed to achieve our dreams and passions which include helping others change the world in some way. By some fortuitous intersection in life, we discovered our own Hero’s Journey and stepped over the line into the unknown. Tom and Anna Dutta: Taking the Hero’s Journey Together.

So today I am Tommy Gun, and I am putting average people just like you into heroic situations. I am now giving to others what I have been paid hundreds of thousands to do by Corporations…I am renting myself to others for free as their personal Tommy Gun.

If you have watched my video “7 Minute Coffee with Tom” on this website under the Qivana tab, I would like to work with you for two to three years. I promise I will help you discover your “definiteness of purpose” and double to triple your income and in some cases create wealth, paving the way to financial independence in five years of less. We have found a way to achieve our “definiteness of purpose in life,” living a life of liberty and autonomy in a playground that we never knew. And now we are giving away for free in abundance what we have received.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


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  1. Nancy Mills

    Love your Hero’s Journey story, Tom; especially the picture of you and your beautiful wife, Anna ~ it makes me think the reflection on the countertop was your previous route & now you are vibrantly & joyously “living your dream” ~ Congratulations!


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