FAILURESHey it’s the end of week 24 in the MKMMA experience and 2 more weeks to go!  I am excited!  This week’s blog is inspired by a culmination of learning and personal growth that has literally turned around my life in so many ways.

I usually don’t put videos in my blog because I am against wasting time on the internet however I have 3 powerful messages this week that support my thinking.  Have you ever heard “Think outside the box?”.  Totally, yes we all have to the point of distraction.  NOBODY ever told me HOW to do it.  Well, you are about to see a cool video on the science of how you can do this and apply it to personal and business life.  The three videos take up to about 45 minutes so please bookmark this blog and feel free to come back to it to see them all.  The second video is about courage and a story of two Hero’s who came together from 2 continents united in Friendship, Spirit and Purpose.  I know you may shed a tear when you watch it like I did.  The last video is a fun and is about Quantum physics and an experiment called the “double slit experiment.”  You must promise me to watch the full video to get the message.  This video is about being the “observer”.  The only way we can learn, apply and grow is to be a non-judgemental observer and this fun video shows the science behind why that concept can change the world.  If you become a non-judgemental observer, the world changes.  You shape your own world/reality and that will lead you to your true nature fast.  Try observing things around you at work, in nature without making opinions of others.  Watch the grass grow, the wind blow, dogs being dogs, kids being kids…when we are in harmony with nature observing things around us, we are connected to the choreographed world which we live in.

It’s during times where we have this connection that the “whispering of our heart can be heard” and that’s when you discover your true “nature or purpose”.  And a clue, when your heart speaks, take lots of notes!

When you are connected to the source of all good, you will find your authentic self.

When we find our true nature, our true gifts and our own unique way of sharing them, we bring vitality to everything.  Since our presence can change the things we look at, those same things now look different to others and others are affected.  We can change the things we touch with our mere presence, effortlessly and with humility.  I have mastered the Law of Least Effort.  It takes less effort to be successful than it does to fail!  That is an incredible statement isn’t it?!  People who know me and work with me in all areas of my life are astonished when I talk that way….only when you discover your true self and are in harmony with nature can you use this Law.  So many think the opposite…work harder and harder but they fail and fail.  Only 5% of people in the world have mastered the Law of Least Effort and I am one of them.

I became a Hero many years ago.  Taking my Hero’s journey and stepping over the line to help others.  There are people and things I am coming in contact with that do not yet know how significantly their lives are going to change because of my presence.  When I realized I have the power to help so many my life changed.

We judge our lives by our own accomplishments but we don’t measure our effect on others.  A pebble thrown into a lake can send ripples for miles impacting many.

Any challenge you have is a result of something you want to acquire or make better, it’s in your consciousness.  The vast subconscious mind already knows the answer on how to get it…it knows who, or how and where to go and get what you need.  Any of our challenges can be solved by this mysterious world within.

In my week 22 blog I talked about sitting in silence and someone I know read it and didn’t understand.  It is only in silence that we find ourselves and our true purpose.  Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”; Haanel’s Master Keys and almost every literature on manifesting one’s destiny identifies this game changing activity.  I sit and think for 15 minutes a day completely still in silence.  I have trained my thoughts to focus on what I want and every day I am manifesting things into my life that I need to achieve my DMP.  I can’t explain it to you but it is something you need to experience for yourself.

Did you know that the subconscious mind makes decisions 7 seconds before it is registered in the conscious mind.  That is scientific proof that the subby never forgets anything and all we need to solve any challenge or create any future we want is in our subconscious mind.  Learning how to sit and think and control thoughts is the foundation to finding one’s bliss.

I used to have this knawing inside most of my life….because I used to determine my worth by other peoples ideas…I became a disconnected soul.  I was yearning for connectedness.  Have you ever felt that feeling?  Lost?  Lonely?  And you don’t know why.  Maybe you turn to a glass of wine or try to find something to fill that emptiness up.  The astonishing realization that we can feel empty at some level when we are living our life based on others ideas stopped me in my tracks…and it was even more enormous when I found the place I need to be is already within me.  That is why so many people who have money still feel empty inside…because they have never found their true bliss.

I know this may sound a bit out there for some however I thought like that too when I started my journey and now this all makes sense to me.  The Hero’s journey usually starts when something not so good happens in our life and we are faced to hear the call to action…for me it was a traumatic childhood, a failing career and a major financial set back…that is when I heard the call to change and I did.

There are only 4 questions in life that matter:

1.  What is the source of the spirit?; 2. What is the reason for our existence?; 3. What is worth living for?; 4. What is worth dying for? ;

I discovered the answer to all the questions is:  LOVE or SERVICE rendered through LOVE.  Finding your gift, giving it away without expectation or reciprocity is how I have changed and live my life.  When you find your true gift and take your Hero’s Journey I hope we are somehow connected together so I can help you too.

As I get closer to the VIDEO CLIPS, I want to share a quote from the late STEVE JOBS 1955 – 2011:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma–which is living with the results of other peoples thinking.  Don’t let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.  And most important have the courage to follow your own intuition.  They somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary”.

Thanks for reading my blog this week, please don’t forget to scroll down and leave a comment.  Now here are the videos I promised:





“DR. QUANTUM Double Split Experiment”




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