Service_Dog_in_Oslo_2013I want you to pretend for a moment that you are a service dog like my pal in this picture.  Think about the fact that you would live your life being in service to someone who can’t see and depends on you every moment of the day.  Think about the mindset of these dogs from birth till death.  They are bred to serve and have no other purpose.

Their internal blueprints are wired to give to others and expect nothing in return.  Can you imagine how much love and gratitude this dog feels in it’s heart.  Can you imagine living your life where you simply give to others and in return live a life of positive thoughts, incredible love and no negativity…that is a state of Nirvana because most of us live our lives fighting off thousands of negative thoughts and fears every second of the day.  I spend time daily with my business partners and this weeks blog is in honour of Ki.  The other day he asked me to arrange for his employees to share in an upcoming meeting some of their biggest dreams.  I almost stopped in my tracks…could it be?  This man with the giant heart appeared to get it.  I mean, how many bosses ask their employees for their dreams.

I remember saying to Ki that he had discovered the secret that only 5 percent of people in the world know.  If you find out their dreams then be in service to help them manifest their dreams, they will follow you and serve you without question.  If employees go to work because they see it as a means to get what they want, versus make money for the company they serve, they will continue on their life’s journey and stay for a long while.  In my NWM business we develop a DMP or definiteness of purpose statement for each independent owner.  Once we know their purpose and dreams, we then tie the work we do with them to that…and they never quit.  We go to work with them in service to their DMP…not just to make money for our own business.  It’s a huge paradigm shift!

Hey, I was just thinking of continuing the rest of my blog about SERVICE and how that can also apply to creating wealth in business.  I want to first update you on the Franklin Makeover that is continuing for me personally.  Each week I am observing a leadership trait within others and within myself.  The concept is to “Identify” “Magnify” and “Multiply”.  Awareness is the beginning of change.  This week I observed the trait “well organized”.  I saw myself being well organized at least a dozen times this week which enabled me to handle a massive amount of work.  I saw my daughter plan a sleepover with a friend by plotting out the bus route and organizing her things the night before.  I saw my dog Shadow eat some fresh chicken we put on her bowl of dry dog food.  She organized her eating precisely, picking off each piece of chicken without touching the dry food.  Then she ate the dry food after to finishing up the tastes left over from the chicken.  By looking for “well organized” examples around me, I found myself becoming more organized myself.  It was a consciousness that just developed within me…but the truth is that we all have that trait within us and focusing on finding it in others helps us magnify our own ability.

Let’s get back to the core of my message this week.  “The Law Of Success is Service”.  You hear about this time and time again that people who are in service to others live a life of fulfilment and happiness.  When you are giving to others, you get more in return.  You can’t feel pain.  My father speaks to inmates in prisons who have struggled with alcohol addiction.  My father feels no  pain when he is in service to others.  The human condition cannot feel 2 things at once…we can either feel happiness, or sadness…be a fearless victor or a fearful victim…be poor or be wealthy…live in abundance or in poverty.

The Master Key Part Twenty -Three speaks beautifully of this natural law.  I am going to quote some of it for you and simply ask you to think about the meaning of it in the context of your own life…without self judgement or blame. Deal?

“You will find that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; that the law of success is service’ that we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give. ”

“We have found that thought is the creative activity behind every constructive enterprise.”

“It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive, constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far-reaching effect for good.  Compensation is the keynote of the universe.  Nature is constantly seeking to strike an equilibrium.  Where something is sent out something must be received; else there should be a vacuum formed.”

“The money consciousness is an attitude of mind; it is the open door to arteries of commerce.  It is the receptive attitude.  Desire is the attractive force which sets the current in motion and fear is the great obstacle by which the current is stopped or completely reversed, turned away from us.”

“Fear is just the opposite of money consciousness; it is poverty consciousness, and as the law is unchangeable we get exactly what we give; if we fear we get what we feared.  Money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very existence; it engages the best thought of the best minds.”

“We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them.  The first law of success then is service and this in turn is built on integrity and justice.  The man who at least is not fair in his intention is simply ignorant; he has missed the fundamental law of all exchange; he is impossible; he will lose surely and certainly; he may not know it; he may think he is winning, but he is doomed to certain defeat.  He cannot cheat the Infinite.  The law of compensation will demand of him an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

My message is very simple…you can make a money magnet of yourself, but to do so you must first consider how you can make money for other people.  What benefits one must benefit all.  And the law that defines how I live my life and why I am overflowing with wealth in my life is the law of service to others.  I am the seeing eye dog in service to my friends and partners…and I believe without question that my rewards in life will be enormous.  I haven’t collected all my wealth yet nor have I finished my hero’s journey to be in service to others.  There are children all over the world who need a service dog like me, there are adults all over the world who are reaching out to find their own hero’s journey and I have appeared in their lives…I have needs to fulfil my own dreams and the solutions I need are manifesting themselves daily in my life because of this incredible law that I have shared with you today.

Have an awesome week ahead and I’ll be back in Week 24 of the MKMMA Experience to share more.


  1. Bob Paterson

    Great post this week Tom! It was great seeing how you connected organization to seeing it in yourself your daughter , and even in your dog .

  2. Vic Cherikoff

    Interesting post.

    Personally, I do not relate well to the term, service. A server at a restaurant will often go through the motions of what’s expected in the industry only to get the gratuity before you leave. How often have we been waited upon when we’d really prefer to have the waiter more (or less) attentive? Or when the industry standard is inappropriate to the level of service needed for a really great dining experience?

    I use the concept of delivering value to others. This can then be more precise in regards to the desirability of what you do for others being in alignment to what is most important to them. It defines the activity in relation to the desirability to them, of what they gain from the exchange, not what you get from delivering it.

    I can be of ‘service’ to an old lady in crossing the street but what if she doesn’t want to cross? I feel better because I ‘serviced’ her but she feels abused because she didn’t need the service at that time. It has no value delivered. Just a fine semantic line that makes it easier for me to R2A2.

    Similarly I see money in terms of currency or current flow, as in a stream or electric current. Like water or electrons, money flows between places of potential difference – upstream to down, high voltage to lower. Currency flows in response to value differentials or high concentration to lower. The higher value I can deliver the more currency I get in exchange. It becomes a two way street. The recipient sees the value I deliver as of more value to them than the money they hold. We each get more of either money or deliverable as a result of the deal. Both, currency and value proposition change hands. I guess the viewpoint needs to be considered and the relative worth of the value offering and the money paid changes for each party involved.

    Therefore to become wealthy, you merely need to deliver value to others and currency flows. Obviously the concept of wealth does not just have to be about money. We can be wealthy from good health, rich relationships, strong reputation, realizable opportunities, great surroundings and more. In fact bartering the value you offer to gain these non-monetary returns often by-passes the tax man making them all the more appealing.

    I guess if being of service to others is always defined as delivering value to others, it works as a broader definition of the path to success.

    Just some thoughts prompted by your interesting blog.

  3. Cyndria Coaty

    Mark, I loved your post on service. As described by your example of the ‘service dog,’ it is very difficult to serve others without love in our hearts, and I would rather err on the side of love where abundance abides. I was very inspired by it.


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