SILENCEThis is week 22A of my 26 week Master Keys Experience and I have been challenged this week like no other challenge in my life before.

We have been asked to be SILENT for 1 week.  No digital connections, no talking, no media or TV….can you imagine doing that for a whole week?  I want to challenge you to help me in my journey this week…some will, some won’t and I know if you do support me you will receive back my gratitude ten fold.  Please read further and do the 15 minute exercise described next in this blog.For 23 weeks I have been sitting and thinking for 15 minutes every evening before bed.  Sitting in the same place without talking, without any interruptions and closing my eyes to focus on positive thoughts.  Once you master this technique, it is incredible what power you unlock from within.  It’s only in this state of thinking and silence that you can truly unlock the thoughts in your subconscious mind that will help you move toward your purpose in life.

When you first sit for 15 minutes, you will notice how your mind wanders.  In fact even 10 seconds is hard.   What I want you to do is not worry about the wandering mind, or the negative thoughts.  Just focus on silence, sitting still without moving and discover.

If everyone does this exercise to support me over the next week then I will feel the power of the support from my universe.  I am going to be SILENT for a day and then increase that until I can be SILENT for a WEEK.

READY?  Here are your instructions:

Click this link below and set the CLOCK to 15 minutes, then get yourself ready in your quite place with no noise and distractions and hit START….then do not move for 15 minutes.  Focus on sitting absolutely still and close your eyes to help you focus.  Keep focused on positive thoughts and try not to wander.  If you think of negative thoughts, just refocus and don’t worry.  It is hard to do this for the first time.  

Thank you for supporting my WEEK of SILENCE.  Leave me a message on this blog if you did the 15 minute SIT and THINK and how it was for you.  I encourage you to do 15 minutes daily and the last hour of the day is a great time.  Thank you!

15 Minute Countdown Clock CLICK HERE


  1. Michelle Mangrum

    Great Idea to get more involved with you on your journey. I look forward to hearing how your one day and more of silence has enlightened and changed you. Great job!

  2. Anna Dutta

    Tom, Kalinda and I will support you 100%! It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what the result will be. I look forward to trying it myself!!

  3. Cyndria Coaty

    Tom, what a great idea to include your readers in this exercise. The daily 15 minute sit is so crucial for clarity and physical refresher/reset. I am looking forward to a very long sit (4 days–not as long as your week) next month. I have enjoyed taking this journey with you.

  4. Bob Paterson

    I did it too Tom! I’m glad you took this journey, and found this to be so powerful, because it really is!

  5. Alice Eubank

    What a wonderful idea to share the wonders of the 15 minute sit. I’ll be interested to hear about your week of silence.

  6. Carol Marsocci

    Interesting, I now know why I do my sit in the morning! I set your timer, sat quietly, cleared my thoughts and nodded off!!! The alarm went off and I thought it was morning!!! I will do my 4 days of quiet soon, have not done yet. I am certainly looking forward to the experience. Thank you for your share!!!


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