MKMMA WEEK 22: An Astonishing Essay From 1841 Changed My Life “The Law of Compensation”


Geroy Simon This is Geroy…in Vancouver we called him Superman…he is an elite athlete in the Canadian Football League and you can see him holding the holy grail…the Grey Cup Championship trophy.

I took this picture of Geroy in a Starbucks parking lot after a business meeting with him and he invited me to see the Cup.  What does this have to do with :An Astonishing Essay?”  If you are brave keep reading…Geroy not only led the British Columbia Lions to a Grey Cup victory, he has since led the Saskatchewan Roughriders to the same championship.

A couple years ago I had the honour of partnering with Geroy in my other business.  He and I planned a big launch of his business and invited over 100 people to a hotel room to announce our plans.  I never forget that day when Geroy spoke on stage.  He told the story of his life in football and how he lost time and time again in his early years and how he was cut from teams and traded.  He said to the audience, as his Grey Cup ring shone on his finger and you could hear a pin drop “I learned some lessons early in my career that made me a hero.  It used to be always about me.  I played the game to get more for me but forgot about my team.  Then one day after some great lessons and mentoring by the best leaders in the game I decided to change. ”

“I put the team ahead of me.  I helped others and stopped worrying about my contract and my own records.  I became a leader and gave more to others.  I have a rule I live by and that is to always treat others the way I want to be treated myself”.  “My career took off and everything I have accomplished today is because of that change in me”.

That day Geroy’s children were in the audience and he was speaking not only to all of us but to them as well.  He has spent his life as a professional athlete moulding others to live by giving more to others before taking for themselves.

BAM!  That leads me to my message to you.  An Astonishing Essay was written in 1841 by Ralph Waldo Emerson.  It is a long essay and on first pass, difficult to read.  If you are like me and care about your success in life and business, you will make time to read it entirely and perhaps print it out and read it again.  Here is the link to the essay: Emerson – The Law of Compensation.

When I read this essay weeks ago as part of the Master Keys Experience course that I am taking with people from 7 continents I didn’t immediately get the message.  And like me you might think it is a religious based essay or a lecture on principles of life but it isn’t that.

I would like you to leave a comment on my blog even if anonymous as to what you think this Law of Compensation is about and how it can change your life.

I leave you with the astonishing breakthrough I had and it now permeates through all I do in life.  In everything I do, in all I teach, in all my decisions I keep the principle “Give more Get More” in the forefront.  When I am tempted to think about my needs first, I think about giving more to others.  When I feel I am lacking what I need, instead of going to look for more, I give to others.  I have developed the understanding that if you live life Giving more you will Get more.  It is this law backed up by faith and consistency that plays out across mankind over and over again.  In my life I can find example after example of how when I gave more to others, I manifested more for myself.

I honour Geroy for being heroic and teaching this Law of Compensation through his actions as a ball player.  I honour my friends and associates who read the essay with an open mind to change the way they think in life.  If you have ever lost it all or been on the brink like I have, it is easy to find blame of others but the reality is that every situation in our lives today has been created by our decisions and actions of the past.  When I adopted the Law of Compensation in my life it changed everything.

Thanks for stopping by…Peace!

3 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 22: An Astonishing Essay From 1841 Changed My Life “The Law of Compensation”

  1. Luc

    Great and inspiring story about Geroy! For me, the Law of Compensation by Emmerson is the detailed explanation about why “give more, get more” works, and also a great way to allow any honest person to remain in peace in spite of possible apparent injustices occurring around him/her…Excellent post, thank you Tommy!

  2. david sigler

    Great post Tommy Gun, the give more get more lesson can never be told enough. Repetition is the key for me! Geroy and his heroic story was also an inspiration and a great lesson.

  3. Joanna

    It’s a awesome plus handy item of information. I’m delighted that you simply distributed this handy information here. You need to continue to be us all updated in this way. Appreciate your discussing.


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