TORONTO GLASS HOUSEHave you heard the term “Glass Houses” before?  I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Toronto Canada this week doing my daily SIT and THINK for 15 minutes and this image just stood out for me.

The glass room picture is a metaphor for the World I believe we live in.  If you were there with me you would know that outside the glass box millions of beautiful snow flakes are falling like fluffy little pillows from the sky.  These resembled to me the millions of positive thoughts a day that are in our mind.  They are all white or pure and positive and no black snow flakes exist.  This is a fantasy World for sure.  Would you like to know how to create this World and manifest your success and dreams versus shatter them? It is true that we live in a World that is like a glass house.  We have millions of thoughts in our mind every day and many of those are negative.  We shed opinions about others and think about negative things.  That’s simply how the subconscious works because of the data that has been stacked up inside since we were children.  From the Science we have learned in the Master Keys Experience over the last 20 weeks, we know that you cannot manifest your dreams, your wealth, your good health or anything else that you desire if you focus on negative thoughts.  What you think about will manifest itself.  I have experienced this over and over again.  We remember that the power of thought and desire mixed with emotion unlocks the brain’s creative thinking power.  Those white snow flakes I mention are millions of positive thoughts and ideas that are searching to manifest our destiny however those black snow flakes that I mentioned are present in our subconscious minds as a powerful force waiting to shatter our dreams.

As I sat in this hotel lobby I noticed the glass house and the white snow flakes all around outside.  I was preparing for an important meeting and was nervous about the outcome.  Instead of giving in to the black snow flakes in my subconscious, those flakes of fear and failure that plague most of us with worry, I was visualizing the meeting being incredibly successful and that the result would take us one step further toward our dreams.  It was only with that self control and thinking that the fears of failure disappeared.  The confidence level went through the roof and I believed that I would be invincible this day.

Let’s just say that those black snow flakes or negative thoughts as I call it, are rocks that will shatter the glass house we live in.  Thinking negatively, talking negatively or behaving in a way that is critical of others will NEVER manifest success.  Most men and women fail because of rocks that shatter their dreams.  The only way to create success is to develop the mental muscle to control thoughts and connect that power to anything you desire.  Simply put you will find what you are looking for.

If a fat person wants to lose more weight they will gain weight.  Thinking about being fat will bring more of that into ones life.  Thinking about being fit will create massive health improvements.  A sales person thinking on the way to a sales call about past failures or obstacles, playing that old story over and over again in their minds will create a negative outcome.  I have been a top sales person in almost every company I have worked for and I am just an ordinary guy.  The difference is that I work at a higher level of consciousness than most people because I get it.  I exercise self control and use power of thought to manifest dreams and success.  Sometimes people look at me and poke fun thinking my methods and way of being are weak however the opposite is true.  The power I emit into the Universe attracts things and people toward me and it is simply unexplainable.  Man with limited intelligence can be far more successful than one with big education but no ability to control how he thinks and behaves.

I was proud of my business partner this week because I have seen his journey toward becoming a better person evolve.  This week the Franklin Make over continued and my leadership attribute was SELF CONTROL.  BAM!  I didn’t share this with my partner on my trip but the following describes what I was going through that day I spent on the road with him and my old self of NO CONTROL would have crashed and burned.

Just a few days prior to my business trip my Uncle Bob, my mom’s brother who lives in Australia had fallen and was on life support.  That crushed my mom when she found out.  Mom lives here in Canada and is in her mid 70’s so she yearned to travel but couldn’t get there.  After a weekend of worry and another family set back with my mom I was facing a monumental week in my business but incredible worry in my mind about my family.

My subconscious was full of thoughts about my mom and my Uncle yet I had to maintain SELF CONTROL.  I knew that I had to block out all Black snow flakes this week and see the White ones.  My wife and I are getting ready for a big Founder tour next week in our Networking Company.  As the top leaders in Canada we are hosting the Founders to Vancouver.  Thursday night is a big hotel meeting to hear their Vision and Friday/Saturday are private meetings in homes of our partners all over the place.  Add onto that my role as MC and a speaker at the main event and it’s exciting.  On top of that I work with another company helping them advance in their goals and there are multiple issues we are working through to resolution.  And on top of that the business trip to Toronto to move a significant prospect forward to a next step was looming.  How can one maintain control and persevere with such a week of pressure on their shoulders?

By using the Natural Laws of the Mind, the power of thought and thought control that I have learned in the Master Keys experience I can honestly say that I returned home Valentines Evening a Fearless Victor versus a Fearful Victim.  Mom has made good progress with her situation, my daughter and wife welcomed me home with love on Valentines evening, the business trip was successful and I managed to keep the black snow flakes from shattering the glass house this week.

It is absolutely true that you have the power to change any outcome by changing how you think and behave.  What is more evident to me is that everywhere I go I can see the black and white snowflakes in others.  And when I do, I give love and gratitude to those for making me a stronger man.  There is a person I think about these days and let’s just refer to him as Mr. R.  He sometimes looks down on people and judges them if they are reserved and quiet and not powerful and dominant like he can be, he doesn’t show empathy or love for those around him when they need it, and he seems lost in his own life journey.  I am sending the positive energy I created this week to Mr. R and know that by exercising Emerson’s Natural Law of Compensation “Give more Get more” I can help him manifest his dreams too.  There is nothing that will stop me.  “I will be what I WILL to be”.  I am excited about week 20 ahead.  Until next blog…thanks for stopping by and please put a comment in the REPLY box on this page.


  1. Karen Krill

    Tommy, the snow flake comparison is a great visual tool for me. I’m loving white. Your control, power and caring are inspiring. Thanks for your example of a hero.

  2. Karen Krill

    Tommy, the snow flake is an outstanding example. It is a great visual for me. You power, control and caring are inspiring. You are an excellent model of The Hero. Thank you.

  3. Karen Krill

    Tommy, your example of snow flakes is outstanding . It is a great visual for me. Your power, control and caring are inspiring You are a great example of The Hero. Thanks.

  4. Adam Orlandella

    I love the snow flake example…brilliant! You’re a great example for all of us to emulate. Thanks for sharing that!

  5. Lee Tennigkeit

    Tom as always you nailed it but this one is even more than that. Personally this is one of the best if not the best motivating pieces I have ever read. Thank you for being so vulnerable and transparent. This article fills me with positive white snow flakes. From the bottom of my heart I thank you!

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