MKMMA WEEK 19: PART 2 of I AM What’s Wrong With The World Today

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

Welcome to PART 2…if you haven’t read PART 1 which is my WEEK 18 blog…stop now and go read that blog or the story as it continues here will not make sense…I appreciate you taking time to do that if you really want to know why “I AM What’s Wrong With The World Today”.  If you have read it then please read on…That picture above is an island in Fiji where my roots began when my mom and dad met and were married.  People in Fiji live in paradise with little stuff and incredible happiness.  A CLUE!!

Carrying on from PART 1, if we keep thinking the way we have been taught by our culture of greed and accumulating stuff to be happy, the planet will continue to endure shock after shock until we wake up and realize we got it all wrong.  As Tom Shaydac speaks to in his documentary “I AM”, what about Love, Compassion, Kindness, Empathy versus Greed and Power?  Are we just greedy species wreaking havoc on the planet?  Hey, I am not some tree hugging lecturer folks, I am a man who has made a major breakthrough in my thinking.

I AMIn the documentary “I AM” we explore further what human kind’s basic nature is.  Is the essential nature of humans to “Cooperate” or “Dominate”…”to have Kingdom or have Democracy”.  In aboriginal or indigenous societies the highest social value is cooperation and competition is a very low value.  And competition beyond certain limits is considered MENTAL ILLNESS.  Wow!  Think on this for a bit.  Our Culture has Competition as a high value and cooperation as a low value.  We’ll steal and be greedy and take from others to be number one.  We’ll take more than we need to live a happy life and others will suffer.  I know this is controversial folks but this is where I ask you to look the guy and gal in the mirror and look at yourself.  Our human nature is to be competitive!  That’s not totally a bad thing until it creates disharmony, unhappiness and poverty in the word.

We discover in the documentary that the basis of nature is cooperation and democracy.  It’s in our DNA…science has studied all species from insects to primates and they have co-existed in cooperation and democracy.

Let’s go deeper into our nervous systems and understand that there are major parts of our brain, our nervous system and even chemicals in our blood that are there to help us connect to others.  The Vegas nerve in the body is one of the largest nerve systems.  It has many functions that you can research on your own but there is one I was astonished by.  Have you ever watched someone being rescued from a difficult situation like a car wreck, or watched a movie where a scene has your chest expanding, you tear up, there is a sense or unexplainable elation.  When I watch the scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” my favour Christmas classic, I experience this feeling every time…that scene is where George Bailey’s friends come to his rescue with money and love to help him recover from a bad situation…his life long journey of giving to others is repaid when he needed it the most.  This scene is just one example of many that cause this feeling of elevation.  This response is scientifically known as “Elevation” and we crave it.  When we get it, we feel no pain and we want it again and again.  Here’s the cool thing.  We are hard wired for a compassionate response to other’s troubles, these endorphins that are created give us this sense of elevation.  It is in our DNA!

I know some of you will be sceptical now that I am brining science into this but please, be open minded to learn what you may not know.  We are born to be connected, to look after each other, to do good.  When we serve others we create a feeling of contentment, ecstasy and happiness that cannot be denied.  My father speaks to men in prisons, he helps others who have lived a life of addiction and this service is helping him live a life pain free.  So many people in the world live a life of giving to others once  they discover their purpose.

We live in a utopian world as Tom Shaydac puts it, where love and passion enter every aspect of our lives from within business to our personal lives.  Is it okay to believe one way on Sunday and then another way on Monday?…that’s just the human nature.  Is it possible we have misunderstood human nature?

Love, Caring, Gratitude, Compassion does have a profound effect on our body, it determines how our hearts beat and our state.  If you have fear, anger then your heart beats differently and the brain’s ability to think is inhibited.  When I learned this it totally explained why I sometimes do what I do.  Have you ever said something stupid to someone that made you angry and later you ask yourself how you could have ever said such a thing?  It’s because the fear and anger emotions inhibited for a moment the brains ability to think…”OMG, it made us stupid for a split second”!  My message is that positive emotions lead to harmony, clearer thinking, better emotions and we function better in a state of empathy compassion and love.  I have a dear friend and colleague that sometimes says “you are too nice, you have to grow a pair”.  If he reads this blog he will probably understand why I do what I do and can get more harmony out of people as a result.

The documentary “I AM” further explores the science done on the heart over the last decade and it is clear that the heart is the first access point to the spirit.  The heart actually sends more information to the brain and not vice versa as we once believed.  This science further explains how we emit a field of energy from the heart to other systems all around us.  There is NO SEPARATION from humans and nature..everything is connected and has an impact on every system of nature on the planet.  We can have an impact on changing the world!

I believe as Tom says in the documentary “I AM” that we must celebrate being here.  That it is possible that we have looked at the world incorrectly.  We are all connected versus separate beings.  How do we change the world…it starts with consciousness and our definition of ourselves.  Everyday small acts of kindness do add up to major changes worldwide.  Ghandi and his amazing story is an example of each one person doing a small act of kindness moving a Nation to harmony.

When we accumulate wealth or private properties that are beyond one’s needs, this is considered in many indigenous peoples and ancient tribes as a mental illness.  I know this is controversial but we are participating in a Vision that is destroying the world.  We practise hoarding wealth and competing with one another while the old, weak, sick  go hungry.  I experienced this in a group of men that I consult with…greed and disharmony can destroy versus create.  Nothing in nature takes more than it needs… a lion kills to feed itself and it’s cubs and leaves the rest for others…this is a natural law.

I can honestly tell people I work what that I am with them to create their success, their wealth and happiness.  I have told those same people that I just need enough to look after my needs and fulfil my legacy of giving to others.  In my past life it was about greed and more and more…now I know why I did what I did.

Tom Shaydac and I have both discovered that we one day woke up and instead of being part of healing the world, we were taking more than we needed and became a part of the cancer in the world.  My favourite Indian Icon Ghandi believed that love is a force that has power, Martin Luther King the same…the Dalai Lama said that critical thinking must be followed by action.

Change comes about as a result of millions of tiny acts that alone seem insignificant.  If we knew how those acts are connected, we wouldn’t hesitate to commit those acts consistently.   All these little acts together make up the “Power of 1” which can change the world.  Just do something each day whether it is in yourself, your family life, your business…everyone has the Power of 1 and when we galvanize others, it is possible to change.  I love to share this thing my friend Mark does.  Whenever he goes shopping to Costco his wife always laughs because he is running all over the parking lot collecting shopping carts and taking them back to the holding place where others go to retrieve them.  This is just one little act of kindness that Mark does every day.  Developing the muscle of HABIT to be kind to others!

In my life change has come slowly in small steps…once I figured out my purpose in 2007 I started to change.  I changed how I think learning one skill at a time; I started doing small random acts of kindness for others, I rid myself of debt and material mental illness; I started sharing my story with this blog; I dedicate my life to helping 1 person at a time because I know that all these little actions will eventually change the world.  If someone is angry or upsets me, I thank them for making me stronger.  If I have enemies, I appreciate them.  I know that I cannot create success when my subconscious mind is full of negativity.  When it rains, the clouds are weeping to water the Earth and we celebrate that.  When someone dies we Celebrate their life and all they gave to us.

As I wrap up I share one more question that Tom posed in the movie.  What is right with the world?”  The answer is “The science of connection and unity, the universal nature of compassion and empathy, the mystery and magic of the human heart”.  A new world is being born as we change ourselves, we must see ourselves as being connected as 1 to each other, to our enemies, to nature.

Thank you for reading my 2 blogs and now you know why I said “I AM What’s Wrong With the World Today” …the breakthrough is that I have made changes to be “What is right with the world”.  Are you living a life of cancer and mental illness or as a healer?  Will you answer the question “What is wrong with the world?” as G Chesterton and I have….”I AM”.  I believe that if you do, only then can you become what is right with the world and take the journey with me to change other’s lives.    Peace be the Journey.  See ya again soon.

4 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 19: PART 2 of I AM What’s Wrong With The World Today

  1. Cyndria Coaty

    Thank you for posting your self-reflections in regards to the movie “I AM.” It is very moving to see how you have endeavored to make the small changes necessary to become the person you are today and connecting with others to take this journey of change as well. I have learned so much about myself through this course and am excited for the future and what may be available for my service to others. One of my favorite quotes is, “Love NEVER fails.” I Corinthians 13:8

  2. david sigler

    I have a dear friend and colleague that sometimes says “you are too nice, you have to grow a pair”.
    Do I see irony Tommy Gun? 🙂 wonderfully written and thought through. What a great way to recap “I AM”, by reading your 2 blogs!

  3. masterkeysls

    Tom, thank you for the chronical of your own personal life transformation and for deciding to take your own Heroe’s Journey.


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