20140131_190125Week 17A of the Master Key Experience is truly an experience I will not forget.  Have you ever met someone in your life that you never knew before, and you realized that they came into your life as a gift from God?

Well, seriously, I am not going to write a blog on Religion or tell you that you should believe in a higher power but I will say that everything the Master Keys taught me about manifesting what you need to attain your Definiteness of Purpose is absolutely coming true for me.  Read on to learn about John.This week we have been asked to read the Obituaries daily and in addition, I am continuing my Franklin Makeover by looking for signs of ENTHUSIASM!  How does John fit into this?  Well, I am travelling this week and actually sitting in his home writing this blog.  My wife the Astonishing Anna and I are here in San Diego California on pleasure and business.  We are certified trainers in a Network Marketing Company and this weekend we came to teach some skills to our team.  Wrapped around that is a few days of pleasure hanging out with our friends John and Beth…we call them the Pineapple Express because their dreams include living in Mauii where people live and celebrate life in a beautiful way every day.

Winding back the clock…I didn’t know John and Beth until I met them through our business partner John “Ace” Aasen.  Yes, another John!  Ace lives in Vancouver Canada where we are from and John or “Pineapple” lives in San Diego County.  When John came into my life something incredible happened.  I discovered he was a world class Chef and one of my dreams that I have had since I was a kid, was to learn to cook and be able to do the things a world class Chef could do.  I grew up in a troubled home and life wasn’t always a bowl of cherries.  I used to escape and live vicariously with ENTHUSIASM, doing things that lit me up.  I remember as a kid watching almost every cooking show, reading cook books, watching my mom and my aunts at the stove cooking in the kitchen for sometimes hours in a day.

As I grew older in my life, I found that when life was busy or times were a bit stressful, I would go into the kitchen and cook.   Today I love to cook for my wife and daughter and I think I am pretty good at it.  I find that when I am in the kitchen, every worry disappears.  The Master Key taught us to search for the time in our lives when we used to do things that totally brought joy to us.  Those things that made us feel in a state of Nirvana.  Every time I think about it I always go back to those days in the kitchen.  WOW!

Here is a picture of my DMP in visual form.  We created this in the early weeks of the MKMMA experience.   If you look closely on the right side you will see a frying pan, a picture of a Villa in Italy and a few other images.MOVIE POSTER AND SHAPES 3  Those are the images of my journey to become a world class Chef.  Hey, I don’t want to work in a restaurant!  No, I want to learn to cook like my friend John and share that with the people I love in my life.  I want to stand in the kitchen like John and bubble over with ENTHUSIASM.  In fact on my dream board is another visual of my first restaurant which I plan to open in Vancouver.  Hey, I figure I can bring in a world class Chef to run it and have a gathering place for my friends and family where lasting memories can be created for decades.  An incredible legacy!  And when I go there I know that my golden Buddah will shine as I am surrounded with my bliss.

20140131_193300So check out John’s masterpiece in the picture…the first night here at his home he prepared this incredible meal and I am telling you, it was incredible.  I’ve eaten around the world at top restaurants while working in Corporate America for over 30 years, and I would put John’s masterpiece right up there with the best.

Here’s the kicker…as we sat in the gourmet kitchen that John has built into his beautiful home in San Diego, I watched this man scurry around the kitchen, putting a bit of this and a bit of that into his dishes.  He worked with ENTHUSIASM and the precision of a surgeon.  He talked about stories of when he was in cooking school and described things to me that had me totally excited in my subconscious mind.  I know this because I couldn’t leave the kitchen and I wanted to hear more and more of his stories.  John has this incredible way about him…he has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great story teller.  I would call him an iconic man who has humility because when you meet him he comes across as just an average guy.

However, John’s life has many stories of people he has met and experiences he has had that in my mind put him at the top of the pack in terms of celebrity status!!  LOL.  He’d kill me for saying he’s a celebrity but to me he is that kind of guy.  The thing about John is that he gives and gives to others, he does things with ENTHUSIASM and when someone says can’t, he pushes through and makes things happen.

John is an example of CELEBRATION OF LIFE.  And here is the irony in my story…he came into my life and brought to me a part of my DMP.  I can learn from him, come to his home and see his gourmet kitchen so I can create my own, and most importantly, I can see someone that I want to be like because of his KINDNESS to others.  Without the learning from the MKMMA course, I would not have been able to manifest John in my life and connect the dots to my own dreams.

Finally I wanted to explain the obituaries.  See, we had to read one a day this week and I had never done that before.  Each time I read one it started to create this awareness of how precious life is for me.  I sometimes take my life for granted and like many, complain about the things I don’t like.  Time and time again I read about someone leaving us way too early and leaving behind those they loved.  I learned from the words in each obituary that people were celebrating and not grieving a loss.  So here I am looking for examples of ENTHUSIASM and at the same time reading the obituaries each day.  That’s when it hit me…BAM!  The contrast in feelings left me appreciating more the Celebration of Life and taking less for granted the things I have around me in my life.  My friend John “the Pineapple” I saw in a totally different light because I was seeing the things he did to celebrate life with so much enthusiasm that when I was around him I just felt amazing.  Last picture below is the future story I may tell you about Enthusiasm for life….meet Nick…a four legged Canine who absolutely Celebrates life every day in his incredible bond with John.

CELEBRATE LIFE WITH ENTHUSIASM EVERYONE!  Until next week…good night John boy…I love you dude!


13 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 17A: Celebrating LIFE with ENTHUSIASM

  1. John Kennedy

    Very nice Tom. I’m humbled by your words. So glad our work has brought our families together. So thankful for MKMMA for giving us the vehicle to share with so many new friends. It’s life changing for all of us.

  2. Ferdinand Schrader

    Great post bro. The way you uplifted and were able to connect the dots and how John fits into your DMP was awesome.

    Thank you for coming down South and teaching at Simple 7, it was a pleasure seeing you and your wife A.A. Great Job bro.

  3. Anna Dutta

    I am so thankful to have shared in this experience with you hon! It was all of that and more! So spoiled were we by our good friends Beth and John. Who knew life could be so fun mixing business and pleasure. Met so many special people in our business. This is certainly an experience we will be recording in our journey book! !!!

  4. Lee Tennigkeit

    Wow ! Once again you worked up the emotions in such a wonderful positive way. I can so relate to the joy of preparing a meal with love in your heart. You have a real gift and you are a wonderful inspiration that radiates enthusiasm!

  5. Luc

    Hi Tom, enthousiasm is omnipresent in your post, and as I also love cooking and learning from expert Chef’s like John, I could well relate and appreciate your joy to have this part of your DMP starting to fulfill. Thank you for sharing your communicative enthousiasm.


    I love the message of this post Tom; Family, Friends, Food, Fun, Fellowship, Finances! Not many pieces to the life puzzle after that to achieve the desired state of Happiness and Harmony!

  7. Adam Orlandella

    Wow, great post! Wonderful stories and the enthusiasm is overflowing…and contagious! Thanks for sharing that!

  8. Beth Kennedy

    Tom and Anna, We enjoyed having you here. It IS wonderful living with Chef John – though it IS fattening! You are so right – he is a real entertainer. That’s just what you would expect from a true “yellow”. We are opposites in that regard, but the “Law of Attraction” makes our life together fun and fulfilling. And, as far as Nick is concerned – he fits right in and makes our family complete.
    Hugs from the Pineapple’s “Other Half”,

  9. Cyndria Coaty

    Wow. Your sharing of this wonderful experience brings great joy to the rest of us as we celebrate your visit with another MKMMA member. It helps us know you both better. Thank you.

  10. david sigler

    I like how you weaved your story into what I perceived as your main point. That’s when it hit me…BAM! The contrast in feelings left me appreciating more the Celebration of Life and taking less for granted the things I have around me in my life. Absolutely!! What a great lesson to end my day with.

  11. Michelle Mangrum

    Loved reading this one. You drew me in with every word and description, so inspiring. I look forward to the day I can sit down and have dinner with the Dutta’s and the Kennedy’s. You both have the passion for food and cooking – what a gift – one I will partake of someday soon.


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