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TORONTO GLASS HOUSEHave you heard the term “Glass Houses” before?  I was sitting in a hotel lobby in Toronto Canada this week doing my daily SIT and THINK for 15 minutes and this image just stood out for me.

The glass room picture is a metaphor for the World I believe we live in.  If you were there with me you would know that outside the glass box millions of beautiful snow flakes are falling like fluffy little pillows from the sky.  These resembled to me the millions of positive thoughts a day that are in our mind.  They are all white or pure and positive and no black snow flakes exist.  This is a fantasy World for sure.  Would you like to know how to create this World and manifest your success and dreams versus shatter them? Continue reading

MKMMA WEEK 18: I AM What’s Wrong With The World Today

I AMWhen G. Chesterton wrote an essay to respond to the question “What’s wrong with the world” he replied:  Dear Sirs, I AM.  When Tom Shadyac heard of his reply he wrote him and said “Bingo”.

This week’s blog is not for the faint of heart and is on the boundaries of controversial.  After watching this documentary called “I AM” I asked myself the same question and replied in harmony with Chesterton…“I AM what’s wrong with the world today”.

To my friends who want to answer that question I recommend you keep reading my blog to the end…some of you will also need to answer the question “What am I pretending not to know?”.   Continue reading

MKMMA WEEK 19: PART 2 of I AM What’s Wrong With The World Today

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

Welcome to PART 2…if you haven’t read PART 1 which is my WEEK 18 blog…stop now and go read that blog or the story as it continues here will not make sense…I appreciate you taking time to do that if you really want to know why “I AM What’s Wrong With The World Today”.  If you have read it then please read on… Continue reading


20140131_190125Week 17A of the Master Key Experience is truly an experience I will not forget.  Have you ever met someone in your life that you never knew before, and you realized that they came into your life as a gift from God?

Well, seriously, I am not going to write a blog on Religion or tell you that you should believe in a higher power but I will say that everything the Master Keys taught me about manifesting what you need to attain your Definiteness of Purpose is absolutely coming true for me.  Read on to learn about John. Continue reading