MKMMA WEEK 16: Two Women Stole My Heart with Kindness



This week 16 in the Master Keys Course was a stunning experience!  As you know from my previous blogs, I have been getting a personal MAKEOVER…

What on Earth is that all about you might say if you are reading this for the first time.  One thing we know is that what you think about manifests itself, and what you forget about atrophies.

The Natural Laws we live with focus on some fundamental principles and one of them is “Give More, Get More”  How does this all tie itself to my breakthrough this week?  We were asked a couple weeks ago to select certain attributes that are key to personal leadership and growth.  Last week we spent time looking daily for 2 Visible signs of KINDNESS and then giving 1 personal act of kindness ourselves.  This was an incredible experience.  The idea is that we have within us an abundance of each attribute, and when we subconsciously and consciously focus on each one, in this week on KINDNESS…we automatically begin being more kind to others and seeing kindness everywhere in a way we never saw before.

Have you ever gone to a hockey or football game…or any sporting event in a large stadium.  Next time you go, try sitting in the crowd and then close your eyes and pick a colour.  Let’s say RED.  Now when you open your eyes, you start looking for that colour and soon you see a sea of RED around the stadium.  Remarkably, you didn’t see the RED before.  It’s because you are teaching your brain to search for that colour…it’s now on the radar and RED starts coming at you from everywhere.

Reality is, RED was already there…you just had to start seeing it.

Back to KINDNESS.  So each day this week  I would observe a couple acts of KINDNESS daily and then write them in the on line journal within the MKMMA course.  I have a chart on my office door and each act of KINDNESS is represented by a dot in a box on the chart.  As the week progressed, the dots became more frequent and it was incredible how much KINDNESS I was seeing and giving with very little effort.

I saw people giving money to homeless on the street, I saw a Starbucks employee being kind and thanking a customer for their patience, I saw my daughter hug our little dog and kiss her after being away from her for a few days, I saw a cab driver lift someone’s luggage to the curb.

I gave KINDNESS each day by doing little things for others and the best thing about it was that they were to be secret acts of kindness.  The impact was powerful.  They don’t have to cost money…little hand written notes hidden in the house for your loved one…or simply doing an extra chore to help out unexpectedly.  If you have a few dollars, try overpaying at the coffee shop and tell the cashier to put that few dollars to the next person’s order.  Step away and watch from afar at the expression when the customer is told by the cashier of your KINDNESS.

I can’t explain it but the feeling of love and gratitude that comes from doing acts of KINDNESS and observing the same, is overwhelming.  It fills you up and you feel the ultimate satisfaction…talk about Positive Mental Attitude!  And therein comes the MAKEOVER.

That brings me to the picture in the blog of my wife, the Astonishing Anna (right)  and the elder lady.  We celebrated our 18th Anniversary January 20th and stayed in a hotel called the “Wedgewood Hotel” in down town Vancouver Canada.  This hotel is our favourite…a boutique style with only 87 rooms and the staff to guest ratio delivers incredible intimate experiences.

My wife and I were having our dinner and at the table beside us was this women you see in the picture, and she was having an amazing time dining with another elderly lady.  I noticed my Anna was mesmerized and kept looking at them…and then she told me that she thought these two ladies looked like long term school friends.  They were vibrant and having fun.  Anna seemed emotional as she watched and I knew there was something in her mind that was connecting her to this woman.

Anna left our dinner table to go to the ladies room and then when she came back I observed her stop at this table.  Anna in all her beauty, in and out, leaned over and told these ladies that she felt they were beautiful.  She told them about her friend Lucy, who was her childhood friend from school, and how Lucy had passed away just a few years ago from Leukemia.  My heart sank as I now knew what she was thinking.

She said to the ladies that she saw them and it reminded her of her late friend Lucy, and that she dreamed of her and Lucy hanging out later in life like that.  She thanked the ladies for sharing that experience with her from afar, and told them she was so happy for them both.

Wow, I had tears in my eyes as Anna came back to our table.  She is a strong women my Astonishing one…and I was overcome by her kindness.  Anna was lit up when she was talking to  the women at that table and I could see the KINDNESS radiating from her.  Her intent was to share that with the women for their gain not hers.  I was blown away.

What happened a little later was incredible.  The lady that she connected with came over to the table to chat with Anna and thank her for her KINDNESS.  She gave kindness back to Anna because of what Anna did for her.  I could tell she didn’t know what to say about Lucy, but she held Anna’s hand and allowed us to take this picture…and she said she knew Anna would find another Lucy.  As they embraced and then said good bye, Anna told the women about her Aunt in Palm Springs and said to her that she looked a lot like her Aunt, and had a similar personality…one of love and beauty and energy toward others.

BAM!  It hit me, that was the thing I was thinking of when I saw this women and Anna together…my subconscious knew that I had seen this women somewhere before…and it was the resemblance to Anna’s Aunt.  Anna grew up with this Aunt as a role model and while she is still alive today, she isn’t of health as much any more.  I know Anna misses her a lot because Anna lost her own mom a few years ago and the Aunt being the sister to mom, was a strong connection to so many memories of the past.  It was all coming together and started from one simple act of kindness.

The morale of my story is that just by taking a moment to share some KINDNESS, brought KINDNESS back in a big way.  And it went deeper into memories of Lucy and the Aunt and know the women was touched by Anna in a nice way too.  It was me who offered to take their picture and that was my way of giving kindness to Anna…see I knew that a picture would be worth 1000 words but this one would be priceless and have ever lasting memories.  Anna doesn’t always know why I do what I do, but that secret gift of KINDNESS for Anna, was my way of giving her an instant memory, on demand, of her best friend Lucy, her Aunt and all the happy memories that they brought to her in her life.  This women she met was a beacon I believe, sent by God to meet Anna.

Finally, because I saw kindness happening in front of me, because I had been consciously looking for it all week, it made me without hesitation take that picture of Astonishing Anna and this woman and give it to her without expectation of reciprocity.

The next day I took Anna to Best Buy to buy a wireless photo printer of the highest quality…I told her that I had just found a new way to bring kindness into her life and I was going to keep doing those things when she least expected it because of what she did for others that day.

Week 17 has begun…I will be blogging again soon.



8 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 16: Two Women Stole My Heart with Kindness

  1. Kristina

    O M Goodness Tom what a blog post! Within your tale of kindness Anna gave to the elderly lady, I remember the two “Lucys” I once had in my life. It has been over ten years. I remember Deborah and Char as if it was yesterday. Indeed God was good and has brought new women in my life to stand in the place of Deborah and Char. For sure I learned an important lesson. When Deborah and Char passed on, the love in my heart has not died, the love is still alive today. There is no one, however, who will be able to replace the hole in my heart that resulted from their departure in this earth. The reason? They were nature’s greatest miracle. Deborah and Char were a miracle in my life. I do know they are going to waiting for me at the “pearly gates.” I have absolute faith Lucy will be there for you and Anna, as well. Thank you for touching my heart with Love and Kindness. In my heart, I greet Anna with Love for we could share a common bond. She is a profoundly unique woman!

  2. Anna Dutta

    Tom, thank you so much for capturing this special experience! It is another lovely memory in my life. You continue to surprise me every day and I love you for it. I am one more friend richer today in my new friend, Eileen! As Jackie Gleason said “Thank you for memories!”

  3. Michelle Mangrum

    What a beautiful act of Kindness in giving back to your Astonishing, Amazing, Awesome Anna! She is truly a wonderful spirit full of love for all. I felt that way when I met the two of you last February. You had me in tears. Beautifully done!

    1. Lee Tennigkeit

      Your blog is of course beautifully written. The really beautiful thing is that by you sharing yours and Anna’s wonderful experience you activated the same for me. I can relate to your experience with a great big open heart. Your blog as well as all the sharing in the kindness alliance really drives home the bond we all have in common when we look. Thank you!

  4. david sigler

    An absolutely beautiful story and lesson of kindness Tom. Thanks for sharing your life with the Astonishing Anna. Did you notice that the two of them look as though they could have been related? Stranger things have happened.


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