I stumbled upon Blue Roses today because every year on Boxing Day we travel to my mother’s for a family get together.  My mom is a gift from God and an incredible woman in her senior years now, and if it wasn’t for the trip to her home today I wouldn’t be blogging about Blue Roses!  As we travelled to mom’s, about a 20 minute car ride from our home, my wife Astonishing Anna and daughter Kalinda stopped at a flower shop to pick up something special.  Anytime I can write about the other two special women in my life, it is simply a blessing.  Alas, we saw the cooler of flowers and my daughter stopped stunningly in her tracks and picked these Blue Roses…and I took a picture of them on the hood of our car asBLUE ROSES you can see here…so incredible they were.  Not only is Blue my favourite colour since I can recall, but my personality profile is a Blue.  Don’t worry about the definition of this, Blue’s are driven by intimacy and relationships with others.  So what does all this have to do with the Master Key Part 13 this week…and more importantly…how do blue roses explain “why the dreams of the dreamer come true”…Let me give you a passage from the Master Key summary this week:  Physical science is responsible for the marvelous age of invention in which we are now living, but spiritual science is now setting out on a career whose possibilities no one can foretell.

Spiritual science was previously the football of the uneducated, the superstitious, the mystical, but we are now interested in definite methods and demonstrated facts only.  We have come to know that thinking is a spiritual process, that vision and imagination preceded action and event, that the day of the dreamer has come true.

The law of “causation” by which dreamers, inventors, authors, financiers, bring about the realization of their desires is the law by which the thing pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own.  We find in history that certain persons seem to possess unusual power, and we tend to be dismissive unless we are acquainted like I am now with this creative power of thought.  Some will say that those who have special power are a result of some supernatural interference, however a scientific understanding of Natural Law will convince us like I have been, that there is nothing supernatural.

Further we may say that we are on “forbidden ground”, that there are some things which we should not know.  This objection was used against every advance in human knowledge.  Every individual who ever advanced a new idea, whether a Columbus, a Darwin, a Galileo, a Fulton or an Emerson, was subjected to ridicule or persecution.  On the contrary I say!  We should carefully consider every fact which is brought to our attention; by doing this we will more readily ascertain the law upon which it is based.

Finally, it will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual.  Let’s look at the BLUE ROSES one more time:BLUE ROSES

I did a little homework for you.  The Blue rose is a flower of the genus Rosa that presents blue to violet pigmentation instead of the more common red, white or yellow.  Blue roses are portrayed in literature and art as a symbol of “Love and Prosperity” however “THEY DO NOT EXIST IN NATURE AS A RESULT OF GENETIC LIMITATIONS”.  OMG, can you believe we actually found these beautiful babies?  I grew up thinking that Red, White and Yellow roses were the way they were supposed to be.  My subconscious mind was trained to understand that anything not those three colours were really not possible.  And so throughout my life, I never went looking to find roses that were Blue for gifts to those in my life.  Call me naive but it was only today that I discovered Blue actually existed.  So I did some more research.

In some cultures blue roses are traditionally associated with royal blood, and thus the blue rose can also denote regal majesty and splendour.  In Chinese folklore the blue rose signifies hope against unattainable love.  Due to the absence in nature of blue roses, they have come to symbolize mystery and and longing to attain the impossible, with some cultures going as far as to say that the holder of a blue rose will have his or her wishes granted.

This blows me away!  Do you feel what I feel?  How can it be that so much history and belief is based on something that does not exist?  How can it be that one places hope on something that is fable like?  Here lies the proof that “the dreams of the dreamer come true”.  Everything I have learned over the past 13 weeks has me no longer wondering if a blue rose is real or not.  My old blueprint of beliefs…the red, yellow, white rose thing…have been obliterated.  I now know that if you affix a mental image of something you desire in your mind and using the power of thought, focus on it and make it yours, you will manifest it.  This is not a promise folks, this is a science.  If you hold in your mind a blue rose whether you find one or not to buy, and believe that is the symbol to all your riches…and attach meaning, feeling and an image to what you desire, you will turn those dreams into true reality.  This is not witchcraft or power, this is science and I now know what only 5% of people in the world ever discover.  This is the gift I am passing onto you through my blog.

Imagine if mankind dreamed of creating a blue rose?  They desired to give this gift to be held, to be smelled, to be looked upon as one held their dreams in their minds and hearts.  Imagine how many lives we could touch by giving the gift like we did today, to my mom, of a blue rose.  No longer in the mind, but now in the physical equivalent.

Apparently a Japanese and an Australian company (Suntory and Florigine) had the same thought.  Using the power of this thought, two companies in 2004 after 13 years of research, genetically engineered a white rose containing the blue pigment delphinidin to produce the first Blue rose.  These roses have been available since 2011 in the marketplace and sell for upward of $22.00 a stem.  Of course, blue dyed roses are found as well however I think you get my analogy here.

No matter what thought we have, dreams are possible.  We were all born golden with the power of thought and if you would just learn the science of how to harness that power, you will soon realize as I have that you hold within you the power to turn ALL your dreams into reality.  I am vibrating with love as I leave you this week and week 14 of the Master Key will begin in a few days.  See you back soon!



  1. Sue

    Blue roses! What a lovely life-lesson they are! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Tom, and for reminding us of the endless possibilities that are before us!!

    1. tomdutta Post author

      I am sending a BLUE rose for you because you were the first beautiful person to reply to my blog this week! Thanks Sue.

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Thanks Don. I appreciate you so much that I give you the whole bouquet…save the picture and give it to as many as you like!

  2. Jo Earley

    Thank you for your beautiful blue blog.
    There are many people looking for signs
    Of hope and your blue roses are one of them. Thanks for making us aware of their mystical beauty.

  3. Susan Salvo

    Tom, your blog entry touched my heart in a way that encourages me to continue striving to chip off this extremely hard concrete. I MUST become golden again. I will persist until I succeed!

  4. Luc

    Thank you for this inspired post! I saw blue roses once in my life, it was in Barcelona, but I could not believe they were real! Yes, I am also blown away to see that history and beliefs can exist about something that doesn’t…except in the mind of human beings. And isn’t this enough to consider something as “real”? Isn’t your picture of the blue roses a proof of this?! I wish you a happy new year.

  5. Karen Krill

    The information about the blue roses is intriguing. Thanks for such a treat. Your feelings for your family and nature are beautiful.

  6. Adeline Primus

    Really interesting pulling in the analogy of the blue roses in with manifesting your desires. I feel compelled to seek a blue rose.

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Thanks for stopping by A delineate. are worthy of the blue rose….the fact that you see the connection to love and prosperity is simply astonishing and you will experience all you desire. Only 5%of people will.

  7. Cyndria Coaty

    Thank you for your special gift of the Blue Rose…a symbol of love and prosperity, mystery and longing to attain the impossible. What a great confirmation that our dreams are our reality.

  8. David Sigler

    The law of “causation”,creative power of thought and the example of a mastermind, a Japanese and an Australian company (Suntory and Florigine) having the same thought in bringing us the beautiful blue rose.
    How much more rich content can you bring us in one piece of work? Great job Tom

  9. Roxanne

    How fantastic!! You just made my 2013. Reading your blog tonight as 2013 winds down has truly been an honor. I have never seen a blue rose, and yet I trust they do exist. I hope one day to unexpectantly encounter one just as you did. Thank you for your truths, thank you for your lesson and thank you for sharing your passion with me and the group. Blessing to you as you enter 2014.


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