It’s December 14th and the Master Key Week 11 is almost history, Week 12 is beginning tomorrow.  How do Bridgestone Blizzak Snow Tires, helping others, and a troubled youth connect together and appear to have commonality?  Want to know more?

SNOW TIRES BMWWe all know many who have achieved the seemingly impossible, who have realized life long dreams, who have changed everything including themselves.  The ever available, when it was most needed, irresistible power is simply an understanding of certain definite fundamentals and then proper application.  Confused?  Trust me, so was I but if you want to unlock the knowledge and understand how Snow Tires and this power changed my life, keep reading…I’d like to ask your permission this week to be a bit more complex in my blog.  Would it be ok with you if I gave you some knowledge first that will set up my explanation of why Snow Tires and changes in my life became connected in my subconscious thinking?  OK, let’s begin.

Inductive Reasoning, “a marvelous Power possessed by the mind” is the dividing line between superstition and intelligence, has eliminated the elements of uncertainty and caprice from man and women’s lives and substituted Law, reason and certitude.  It is the “Watchman at the gate”.

Thought inductive reasoning (process of objective mind by which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all…

The fruit of this thought is, as it were, a gift from the gods, but a gift which few as yet realize, appreciate, or understand.

The recognition of this marvelous power which is possessed by the mind under proper conditions and the fact that this power can be utilized, directed, and made available for the solution of every human problem is of transcendental importance.

By far the greatest discovery of all centuries is the power of thought.  The power of thought consists in creating ideas, it is an intelligent creative power.

Thought reaches its loftiest activity when plunged into its own mysterious depth…from this process of self contemplation comes inspiration which is creative intelligence, which is superior to every element, force or law of nature…it can understand, modify, govern and apply them to its own ends and purposes…

Wisdom begins with the dawn of reason and reason is understanding of the knowledge and principles whereby we may know the true meaning of things.  Wisdom leads to humility, for humility is a large part of wisdom.

Now we’ve come full circle back to the beginning passage of my blog.  How on Earth are Snow Tires, a troubled Childhood, and helping others connect?

Those of you know me as Tommy Gun, a Corporate Executive who for 30 years worked across America helping build and grow companies by making changes within those organizations.  A hired gun as I was known, is someone who has deep values and integrity, and is used to drive change, sometimes unpopular but necessary change.  However when I was a child, I was surrounded by a dark cloud and I vowed in 2008 never to speak of it for my own gain.  In this case I am speaking of it to help connect the story for you.  My father was an alcohol addicted parent and my childhood and youth were full of trauma.  Add onto that the fact that dad was a Military Commanding Officer and you can see how my blueprint was formed.

I grew up learning to not know what love was, to not be able to give it freely.  Love to me was material things.  Dealing with people was more of a command and control style that I had learned by being around my dad.  We know that in the early days we form these beliefs and values…we are born Golden and in the formative years this crust starts covering up that Golden person we once were.  The crust is generally formed from people in our lives like our parents, the media…things around us that pour information into our subconscious.  Remember, we have learned that the subby does not know the difference between what we tell it and what is reality…it will seek a way to do whatever we tell it.  It will believe whatever we tell it.  And it will manifest our lives based on the beliefs and values embedded within.

I lived my life up to 2008 telling a story of sadness…I was the best at everything, a straight A student, a CEO by the age of 31…liked by all…had it all…but there was always a sadness or emptiness.  Many like me took a different path, and some of those decided to end their lives far too early.  I chose to stay the journey because I believed there was a purpose for me in the world…I never knew what that was.  In 2008 I made an astonishing discovery.  I went through a Tony Robbins weekly program called “Date with Destiny” and unravelled a lifetime of thoughts in my subconscious mind..and alas, there it was…BAM!!!   I discovered this…”those things that happened to me when I was a kid were “Gifts from God” and I have special skills that only a few percent of children on the planet have today.  My purpose was transformed…I was no longer Tommy Gun the hired gun helping build and grow companies…I was Tommy Gun, the man who would take his boyhood gifts and go out into the world to create hero’s.  I live my life now putting average people into heroic situations…I find people by the law of attraction, that need my gifts so they can have a better life.  You cannot believe how this discovery has changed my life.  Many never understand the power of thought enough to find that hero within…but I did.

So what the heck does this have to do with snow tires Tom?  lol…I’m getting there.  Through the Master Keys and my own life’s work, we know the brain creates Peptides or chemicals that we crave…there are good chemicals and bad chemicals.  When we grow up with a life of pain and fear, versus pleasure, the science of thought has proven that we look for the Peptides that make us feel comfort.  Why do you think people self sabotage success…or find themselves never being able to keep relationships healthy at home or at work…trust me, I get it…that used to be me.  So when things start going well for some, they make decisions to make it bad again.  Having an understanding of this science and knowing how to change it is part of the gifts I bring to others lives…

Recently I have had the honour of working with a man who is a very astute business leader and is now a friend.  This man struggles with his own internal demons, not knowing that the impact he has on others he cares about, is holding him back in every area of his life.  I can see in his eyes a boy like me and a story that I have yet to unfold.  However I was brought into his life to give my gifts to change his outcomes…no he did not connect to me for those reasons…how could he…he would never understand what I know.  However here is the power of inductive reasoning…

Now that I have discovered the commonality of my childhood, and my purpose in life, things that appear to be random instances are now appearing to be connected by a thread.  This man I am drawn to with love while other’s resist him.  I am drawn to him because of my purpose to help him so the external conditions in his life can change.  Do you see it now?  Before it would have been just another consulting or work gig…now it is an assignment much deeper…and I’m fulfilling my Definiteness of Purpose at the same time.  I live helping others and when I do that, the things I desire just seem to manifest for me…the abundance has just come and never stops.

OK, OK…the Tires!  This week around my home it snowed a bit and the hills I live on are very icy.  For all my life, I have never bought snow tires for my car.  I drive a BMW, a car I am fortunate to have that is paid for by my NWM company.  This week I slid down the hill and was stuck, unable to climb back up the hill.  It impacted my ability to drive my girl to school, my ability to go to an appointment I had with the company and business leader I was referring to in this blog, and simply, the ability to safely drive my car.  Why do millions of people who live in regions where there are winter conditions, not buy those tires for a few months a year?  With the power of Inductive Reasoning I finally saw the commonalities in my life and they all connected to the Snow Tires.

See my purpose is to help others with my gifts…being able to drive my car safely to help those in my life now had greater meaning…and in fact the risk of not being able to get to them on that day was far greater in my mind…because I knew that in order to stay out of my own dark place, and keep moving forward to my DMP, I had no choice but to change something within myself.  Ahha, there it is.  I changed my thinking and spent the money to buy the 4 tires that went on my car this morning.  And the feeling of doing that was no longer about questioning the money spent.  Now I have peace of mind that I can continue my work daily and snow and ice will not get in my way.  The decision to buy the tires was not just to change my conditions of the car I drive, but it connected to all the things that are linked to my presence.  The tires became an extension of my ability to serve others!!!

The story ends this week understanding that the power of Inductive reasoning has changed my life forever because I can now look at many instances in my life (childhood, business, snow tires)  and connect them together…when you discover the power of that kind of thinking, you change your behaviour and make endless possibilities come true.   Wow,  you made it this far, I thank you for reading.  The rule of blogging is to keep it less than 1000 words….I hit 1600…but I hope you know now why I wrote this much for you…some will, some won’t…and my wish is that everyone I know learns to harness that “marvelous Power possessed by the mind”…the power of Thought and Inductive Reasoning.  See ya in WEEK 12.



  1. Cheryl Parker

    Great Blog Tom!!! I love how you reframed what getting snow tires means to you. I love it!! Connecting it to your service and DMP is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing it.
    With love and gratitude

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Cheryl, thanks for stopping by and know that we are connected at a Heroic level….let’s keep on the journey together.

  2. Kathy Zimmer

    Life is a journey and yours is a powerful one because you were once a survivor and now you’re a hero. You have gained the experience, the knowledge, and most importantly, the compassion to be instrumental in freeing the hero in others so, they too, can live their passion and take their own hero’s journey.

    We should never become complacent about this because far too many people live their life in the shadows and never know what it feels like to really live and be aligned with their authentic definite major purpose in life.

  3. Cindy DiZio

    Hi Tommy… I’m not in your group (at least I don’t think so, I haven’t checked yet) I was just curious about your post in the alliance section with how a slippery ride and snow tires were connected to these wonderful lessons we are learning… I see your connection and also find it exciting when we can take something as unfortunate as a car accident and turn it to ‘good’…because of the way we are truly learning to THINK. Your process also validates the repetition of the cause and effect cycle…and how everything is …. related….
    Thank you for sharing your thought process / discovery of the whole experience….
    Enjoy the freedom your new tires will give you!!

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Cindy…I really appreciate the support. Freedom to be what I want to be is astonishing.

  4. Mary Beth Johnson

    Hi Tommy! I noticed (in the alliances) that you had posted your blog and I thought I’d take a peek! It’s always interesting to see what others have gone through that have shaped them into the remarkable people they are today. I suppose with many of us, it is those life rocking experiences that shake us up and forge new nerves so that we can continue with our lives. I lost my dad at 16 and at the time remember thinking that it is certainly the WORST thing that could happen to me. But as I matured and looked back, it occurs to me that I would not be the resilient, self sufficient person that I am today, and I see that in you too. we just DO IT. We don’t quit. When life closes one door, we look for another. Thanks for sharing your story. I know where to come for help! : )

    1. tomdutta Post author

      OMGosh Mary Beth…the abundance just keeps pouring in and your comment is another gift…thank you for sharing and supporting my journey…it is nice to meet another Heroin who I know will be at my side…and vice versa!

  5. David Sigler

    Thanks for sharing , and in such an intriguing and well written form. You mentioned the 1000 word rule and even though you went over it didn’t seem like it at all. You have a powerful message and you drove it home. 🙂

  6. Karen Krill

    I luckily came across your post and WOW. Your example of inductive reasoning helped me to really understand the theory and that it is really simple. The story of your transformation shows how people who seem to have everything need to “work” on themselves. What a fine example you are. Thanks for sharing.

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Karen, I really appreciate your support on my journey! Know I am right there with you too.

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Thank you Astonishing Anna, my wonderful wife and partner….without you, I don’t think I could make the journey alone!


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