MKMMA WEEK 10: Nobody Succeeds Without the Power of a Mastermind.

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

It’s almost time for week 11 and I had a major breakthrough this week.  During the past week as many of my colleagues in MKMMA know, we did not have our weekly Mastermind webinar.  Masterminding with others is powerful.  What I didn’t realize before, and after 30 years of work in Corporate America it wasn’t taught to me by any business school,  was that“nothing or nobody succeeds without the power of a Mastermind”.  Some of the most prominent figures in history had imaginary councils that they connected with in their “think” sessions…President’s would talk to their imaginary advisers when making important decisions…and now average people learning the power of the Mastermind are doing the same.

A Mastermind is two or more people working together in harmony toward each other’s definiteness of purpose.  I started a Mastermind in my NWM business a year ago and the business grew exponentially.  The collective thoughts and positive support that come from a Mastermind group are astonishing.  So how does this relate to this week in the MKMMA journey?

TommyGunWell you may know that my handle is “Tommy Gun” and if you read my ABOUT page on this blog you will know that I spent my life as a hired gun…someone hired by Corporations to make changes…and in some cases very difficult changes.  I remember many times in my career when I faced these tough challenges, I was the leader on an island carrying all the burden.  I worked in Banking, Insurance, IT and Telecom sectors….and now NWM…and I don’t recall having a team of advisers.  Usually it was a Board of Directors or Senior Management telling me to carry out the tough orders…

Downsize this, right size that, change this, change that…yadda yadda!  I didn’t sleep sometimes for weeks thinking about the decisions I had to make and sometimes we didn’t succeed.  BAM!  That’s the epiphany of this week’s blog.  MKMMA is training me how to sit and think each day, to use the subconscious mind, to use both sides of the brain (facts and dreams) and to use the 7 ways we learn as adults…to manifest a new reality for my life.  Each week the MKMMA class has attended a webinar and at the end of the class the phone lines are open for students to talk and Mastermind with the teacher…by listening to the discussions, incredible nuggets are found not only from others but from the thought patterns that are triggered in our own minds.  It’s powerful.

I have been able to solve more problems and manifest more ideas with my Mastermind in my NWM business than I thought possible…and the truth is that a Mastermind of 2 or more people in complete harmony, simply keeps you moving forward with action…and the PMA can be astonishing.

This week without the webinar I felt some incredible emotions.  I craved the opening weekly webinar last Sunday but it didn’t happen.  It was a planned down week for the webinar and we had our exercises and readings still to do…but I felt lost.  I felt this deep sadness at times, as if my best friend was gone.  What I realized is that my connection over the last 9 weeks to the community of students in the program had developed to a deep level…and I began feeling the power of the Mastermind in my life.  I needed week after week that support to keep going, to keep manifesting the results of the exercises and that was the ahha moment for me.

You see, I now completely understand the difference between having a Mastermind Alliance and not.  I can’t believe I lived 30 years of my Corporate Executive Career without a personal Mastermind partner.  I was successful in many things I did but I am sure now that I could have taken it to a higher level with a Mastermind group.

So back to reality…and I have a recommendation for you.  Establish a Mastermind with  1 other person and share your collective Definiteness of Purposes.  Then meet daily by text message, or weekly via a phone or skype call and Mastermind different ideas and thoughts about the things that are important to you…share tips and strategies…share challenges and with Positive Attitude, brainstorm solutions.  I have a Mastermind group for my NWM business and it keeps me going forward with focus.  For those in MKMMA, whether it is your spouse, or business partner in whatever business you have, or someone in the MKMMA program, put your Mastermind in place and watch the magic.  I promise you that your life will change and you will wonder why you didn’t have a Mastermind in the past.

As I wrap up, I want to let you into my world a bit.  Many years ago, Tony Robbins at a course called Date with Destiny, helped me make a major change in my life.  I uncovered what was holding me back from my past and came away with the tools to change the meaning of my life.  Everything I have done since then, and now MKMMA, is taking that to another level.  When I am at my toughest moments in my life, I sit and think with Tony.  No, he isn’t in the room with me, but I have learned with MKMMA how to control my thoughts and use imagination, and I see him in the room, he is right beside me, I can feel him and see his facial expressions like I saw when I first met him.  We talk and he gives me comfort and coaching.  This experience has provided me inner peace that is inexplicable, really.

So here is to the power of a Mastermind…whether you celebrate Christmas or not…give yourself a present and ensure you have a Mastermind partner for the rest of your life.  When you are focused on what you want in your subconscious mind, a Mastermind partner will manifest for you…trust your gut and go with them…and if you fall out of harmony, it’s okay to politely part ways and find another partner!  As they say in NIKE, “Just Do It”.

6 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 10: Nobody Succeeds Without the Power of a Mastermind.

  1. John Kennedy

    Well done Mr. Gun. Have enjoyed being in your MMA the past year. By the way, Tony called. Said you owe him $$ for your last session with him. Something about needing to “read the fine print”.

    1. tomdutta Post author

      You kill me Mr. Pineapple Express. I’m so impressed with your focus on MKMMA and desire to manifest a better future….and being in MMA together has been a gift to me. The thing is…Tony mentioned that
      and I told him many SITS ago that I have this friend who’s motive is fun, a yellow kind of guy, and he will cover me cause he’s my partner. I’ve forwarded your address to Tony tonight re the Bills…thanks for reminding me of that with your blog post…whew…I wouldn’t want to let Tony down. :))

  2. Ed Rubi

    Tommy, I would not have wanted your job as “The Hammer”. I feel for people, and it would keep me up at night too, to have to carry our their orders. Anywho, I read, and listened to Think and Grow Rich several times in the past few years, but the importance of the master mind didn’t click. Now it has, and we both see it. Great post, and great insight. Thank you for this insightful post.

  3. Brent Vachon

    Thanks for the great read Tommy, its funny, I have come from a similar environment from a career standpoint, as I look back triggered with thought from your blog, around the mastermind group, I realize the just how much further things could have gone if I had really understood the idea of the mastermind then, as todays understanding, thanks to the our mastermind, the Mark and Davene’s education, and great blogs like yours.. Thanks again for sharing, very thought provoking for me.


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