MKMMA WEEK 9: Grey Cup/Superbowl won by the Corpus Collosum??

CFL ChaliceIt’s WEEK 9 of MKMMA and there I am, holding the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup!  The Holy Grail of Canadian Football.  In America I believe you call it the Superbowl!  What has all this to do with MKMMA Week 9 and how we learn in 7 different ways…?  Well I know what you are thinking…Tommy Gun has gone completely crazy talking about Football…and lost sight of his Hero’s Journey….

If you are prepared to read further, let me explain what’s goin on here…Wow, I appreciate that you kept reading!  If you stay till the end I’ll explain how the heck I got to hold the Grey Cup and that puppy is 101 years old, just as much rich history in the CFL as the NFL down South.  Back to MKMMA this week where we are learning about the 7 different ways we all learn.  The myth of being just right brained or left brained is what we are challenging this week and up popped the knowledge of the “Corpus Collosum”.  What is that?  The Corpus Collosum is the white mass that is between the right and left sides of the brain….pardon me if the picture is a bit graphic but hey, we all got one!

The whole idea here is that the Corpus Collosum, let’s call it CP for my lazy typing fingers,  connects the right and left brain.  If you can learn how to think using both sides of the brain whenever you want, on demand, it’s game over baby!  Dreams, Facts, Dreams, Facts, Facts, Dreams whatever the thought pattern, you can manifest your desires into reality when you develop this capability.   I am not going to go into the details of the MKMMA week 9 exercises but I can tell you that I have spent the week peppering my brain in so many ways that it is learning how to use both sides without me even knowing it!  This is a major development in my ability to manifest my dreams for the future.Grey Cup








BAM!  Can you see it now…look at the picture of the football game.  Unbelievable right?  Or   I was sitting in my chair watching Canada’s biggest sporting event last weekend on my High Definition TV….and before you say “he’s one of those men who just watches sports all day”…well, I watch very little TV but I always watch the Championship game.  As a kid in my subconscious I remember my dad used to take my brothers and I to the CFL games locally, the British Columbia Lions is my team.  But hey, we didn’t even make the final game this year….I’m a Canadian and it don’t matter to me!

So picture me wearing my ball cap, casual shorts and a T, sitting with some nachos and a sparkling drink, watching this awesome game on TSN.  It hit me….the Corpus Collosum just popped into my head.  Look at the field in that picture.  Every football field has about 100 yards and the centre line is the middle.  Each side of the field when the game starts, has each of 2 teams lined up.  Throughout the game, players run up and down the field, back and forth over that centre line…always back and forth, back and forth…there it is!

The centre line is the Corpus Collosum and the right and left side of the field is the brain.  None of these two teams can win and reach their dreams unless they learn how to play on both sides of the field, not just one.  I’m tearing up right about  You see, the players learn skills and practise practise all year how to think, they learn visually in the locker room watching film, they learn by reading play books, they learn by running and using their athleticism to teach their brains the plays so they are automatic, they learn by visualization using markings on the field or goal posts for certain patterns, they even recognize their opposition in the mangled huddles when they are at the bottom of the pile, by colours of jerseys.

GEROY SIMON ACTION 1This is Geroy Simon, we call him Superman.  He holds the all time record for receiving catches in the CFL.  His roots are back to Pennsylvania where he discovered his passion to help others and be a natural leader in the world.  He played for the BC Lions for many years and last year was traded to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  The GREEN machine or Rider Nation as they call it in Regina SK.  I met Geroy through my network marketing business and that’s how I was able to hold the Grey Cup.  My dream was always to hold the cup…he even let me wear his Grey Cup Ring.  Now how many in the world get to hold the Superbowl for their team and wear a winning ring!  My dream manifested because of my belief in helping others and I helped Geroy in one aspect of his life just as much as he helped me understand how to be a leader.

Well, when he was traded we were heartbroken, and Saskatchewan didn’t warm up to him that fast.  Until Superman caught two touchdowns in the big game last weekend and they won the Grey Cup!  At home baby…only the 4th Grey Cup in the franchises’s history in a 101 year old league.  I texted Superman that night and thanked him for being heroic….and he replied kindly as he always did, saying “say hi to everyone at home for me Tom”.

Geroy SKSo Geroy is now a local hero in Saskatchewan, Canada…but how does this all connect to MKMMA.  Well not only was I astonished at the connections in my subconscious mind to the brain and how it thinks both left and right…but I discovered again the power of how anyone can achieve anything in their life, their dreams will manifest, if we combine some science, with some skill, and build the muscle of HABIT to continue on our Hero’s Journey to make our DMP or Definiteness of Purpose a reality.  Sound like a bunch of hype to you, or do you really believe that you can create your own success?  Read on….

And then amazingly the game was over, the confetti was pouring from the sky, the players were elated…and now the cup presentation ceremony.  Two Royal Canadian Mounted Police with full uniform and white gloves gripping the Grey Cup, walked it onto the field.  The crowd was delirious, the fans were so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think, and the pride of the Nation was shining like the star of Bethlehem on Christmas Eve.

For some reason at that moment of the presentations, I pulled my Samsung Note 2 out and my S Pen and began madly scribbling down notes on the what I heard the players say.  OMG…it was all what MKMMA has been teaching me…the following are quotes, and pardon the typos and grammar, from the next 20 minutes of the Grey Cup broadcast as player after player was interviewed…

Quarterback Durant  said “It’s more than a Vision, it’s a Dream.  I visualized the end of the Game and heard them saying “and now, your 2013 Grey Cup Champions the Saskatchewan Roughriders”….”I had that Vision a year ago even before the season started”

In another interview with a player that was being doubted for his ability before the game began, he said “They keep talking about what I can’t do, but I want to talk about what I can do on the field.”  “What I can do is all that matters to me”.

You see, most professional athletes use Visualization and Imagination…these are powerful tools.  And they go back and forth on the field to find the path to their dreams…just like the right and left brain, we use the CP in the middle and go back and forth to manifest the pathway to our dreams.  There is no other way unless you play both sides of the field!  Players prepare for game day 7 different ways.  More quotes:

Geroy Simon, Superman was interviewed at the half time and after the game…at half time even though his team was up by 2 touchdowns, he said “that’s all good but we gotta finish the game”.

Corey Sheets, a running back in the game for SK, broke a new CFL record for the most rushing yards by any player in a Grey Cup.  When he was asked to say a few words, he singled out Durant his Quarterback, and deflected his success to him.  He said “Durant, I love that man.  He’s a great leader and I will follow him anywhere. “.  Just like we are learning in MKMMA from the Og Mandino Scroll 2, you cannot achieve anything in life without love in your heart.

Durant the QB was interviewed and he was emotional, tears in his eyes.  You see, most of you won’t know the drama but he failed in 2 past Grey Cups and the whole City turned on him..he carried this monkey on his back of what was perceived to be failure, or a guy that couldn’t do it, win a Grey Cup.  Here is what he said when the interviewer suggest he had just solidified his legacy…”It’s still yet to be written.  I needed to silence the critics, to tell everyone that I could finish.”

Durant went on to say this about Geroy Simon “I appreciate you teaching me how to be a Champion”.  Geroy was brought to SK from BC Lions to teach a young team how to win.  He had won 2 Grey Cups and as a veteran, his value was not just what he did on the field, but what he did in the locker room.  He taught players how to think, how to be humble and have gratitude, how to thing about others, not just themselves.

Geroy Simon EnhancedI remember when Geroy won his Grey Cup in BC, and I met him.  He stood on stage speaking at one of my business events and he said “I failed at football many times, being traded from team to team.  I finally woke up and realized it wasn’t about me, it was about others.  When I started helping others, and treating them the way I wanted to be treated, I became a Champion”.

Thanks man, I love you Superman!

When Geroy was interviewed on the field after Durant spoke to the media, he said this directly to Durant on National TV…”I love you man”.

Everywhere in the stadium that day, as I watched the game on my home screen, there were banners in the crowds…”BELIEVE” was written again and again.

Corey Sheets said about Durant, “he takes more criticism than anyone in the league…he takes all the heat for us and it doesn’t bother him.”  He knew that in order to be a Champion, Durant needed to develop the mental muscle to Visualize his DMP and block out all the negative thinking.  Wow…can you imagine the pressure and how he learned to control his thoughts, and use the power of Imagination and thought control to do what he did that day?!

Corey set the record as I mentioned…he carried 20 times the ball, 197 total yards in one game, a new Grey Cup record.  When he was given the MVP award on National TV he said this…”those guys up front did all the heavy lifting…I just carried the ball”.  Unbelievable…this professional athlete had no ego…he believed in gratitude and gave the recognition to his team because he knows “Emerson’s law of Compensation”…give more, get more….

Finally, the winning Coach was handed the Grey Cup, a young 36 year old guy who had his team follow his lead to their dreams…”This team was built to win.  We were 8 wins and 1 loss and then we lost 4 games.  That was the turning point…we lost 4 in a row then came back to win and win…after that we knew we could do anything if we just believed”.  “Losing creates character and belief in yourself”.

So I’ll wrap up this blog, and yes, it was a long one…so build a bridge and get over it…lol…but seriously, I love you for reading some of it, or all of it.  I hope you found the messages and linkages I did from that incredible game to the brain and how we think, and what we need to do to manifest our dreams.  Simply BELIEVE and learn how to think and everything you need is within you now!  Talk to you soon, week 10 is beginning tomorrow!!

12 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 9: Grey Cup/Superbowl won by the Corpus Collosum??

  1. Luc

    Hello Tommy, great post! Not only I read it all, but you brought tears in my eyes, man. Being born in Europe, I don’t know much about Football, but I know enough to appreciate and remember your metaphor for the brain. I love the way you emphasize the inner qualities of the players, which become the main reason why they win the game. Your post is also full of love and…I loved it 🙂 Luc

    1. tomdutta Post author

      You are a hero Luc…taking time to appreciate and learn is a gift…and I will honour you by staying at your side on your journey too.

  2. Fran Patoskie

    Absolutely brilliant, Tommy! I love sports, even though I don’t understand the actual rules, lol! I just love the focus and dedication that athletes have, and you are absolutely spot on that it’s like they are graduates of the MKMMA course!

  3. Kathy Zimmer

    Tom, you always pour so much of yourself into every blog (or epistle) that you write. This one is awesome! You somehow managed to use the CFL, the Grey Cup, a piece of white mass that I hope doesn’t appear in my dreams tonight, and a whole team’s Definiteness of Purpose. You connected all the dots which was no small feat!

    You truly are a driving force who will be instrumental in helping many people take their own hero’s journey and LIVE their DMP. People who otherwise might never have found the courage, discovered the path, or known the joy of living their authentic purpose or passion.

    As you’re enjoying your private island with family and friends…..I hope you live long enough to hear someone say……”I can’t believe that puppy is 101 years old.”

  4. Anthony Carr


    You see greatness all around you!

    From the quote by Geroy, “…I finally woke up and realized it wasn’t about me, it was about others. When I started helping others, and treating them the way I wanted to be treated, I became a Champion.” Standing up to your failures with pride, we learn to R2A2 our new reality to rise above, which makes a successful person better because they do it for others from the heart we improve, we look forward to helping everyone we encounter.

    Thank you,

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Totally in sync with what I am learning…you are a hero in your own…and have developed the mental muscle to know what you say. Fantastic Anthony!

  5. Carol Marsocci

    Totally enjoyed the read!!! I love Football and linking the game to the brain was masterful!!! Thank you, as there was so much detail and links to our own lives that will help us through the Hero’s Journey!!! 🙂

  6. Brent Vachon

    Love the link’s Tom, it is beautiful what this MKMMA is doing for all of us,. great blog, love the personality in it, but love the way you link everything together even more!!! Great stuff, thanks for sharing it!!


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