WEEK 8: PRESS RELEASE “Hero’s Journey Centre Opens”…Imagination of a Boy to a Man…



Hero’s Journey Centre Opens and Tommy Gun Launches “From the Edge and Back, a Hero’s Journey”


By Anthony James Collins, Canadian United Press

December 31, 2016

VANCOUVER BC, CANADA – Local Entrepreneur and business tycoon Tom Dutta (aka Tommy Gun) announced today the opening of the Hero’s Journey Centre in Vancouver, a place where children and youth from all over the world will come to take their “Hero’s Journey”.  At the opening Tommy Gun also launched his new book “From the Edge and Back, A Hero’s Journey”.

HJ  Centre has been a lifelong dream of Tom’s.  “Helping those who have struggled in life from neglect or misfortune has been my passion and now through the HJ Centre, I can take these wonderful people on a journey to improve their lives.  Only 5% of people in the World know what I know today, and I am sharing my special gifts with those who can’t find their way”.

As Tommy Gun arrived at the HJ Centre, an amazing facility locally here in Vancouver, he parked his bright Blue Lamborghini in the parking lot amidst a slew of reporters.  One celebrity waiting for Tom was Anthony Robbins who has long been a mentor of Tom’s.

Tom said “Tony transformed my life into a Hero in 2008 and I vowed to spend the rest of my life in service to children.  It took my several years to manifest my DMP or Definiteness of Purpose and when I finally discovered what I wanted to do with my life, everything changed.  I have always admired Tony and today he is here to cut the ribbon as we open the HJ Centre.”

Tom’s wife Anna was in the crowd and emerged to comment on her husband’s incredible dream that became a reality today.  Anna said “I am so proud of Tommy Gun.  I watched him for years manifest his dream into reality today.  I am so excited to be here as he also launches his new book called “A Hero’s Journey, From the Edge and Back.  I know he will share his views about this story of his life long journey to be a beacon of light for others, and to help them take their Hero’s Journey in their own lives.  Tom spent most of his career as a business executive creating wealth and serving shareholders of companies…today I am proud that he has changed his purpose to give back and as he says “put average people into Heroic Situations”.

Tommy Gun arrived here today as a picture of “True Health” not only mentally and spiritually but physically.  In a previous interview I had done with Tom, he desired to be in the ultimate health before the HJ Centre opened…and his mentor as a kid was Arnold S, the famous bodybuilder and Celebrity.  In that interview years ago Tom said “when I finally arrive at my future destination everything in my life will be astonishing including my health.  I will be ripped and look and feel 10 years younger…because I know on that day the journey to change lives and make the world better will require me to be my best”.

The HJ Foundation was also launched at the same time as Tommy Gun’s new book.  The Foundation will be funded by Tom’s Diamond business partners on an annual basis and a list of causes will be announced in the next 24 hours…Tom said “this HJ Foundation will exist to make the world Healthier, Greener and a better place for all Children and Youth worldwide.  I will travel and finish my life’s work sharing my stories with those children and youth, one at a time.  Where we go and whatever we do, we will always be making the world better for them”.

After the opening of the HJ Centre, Tommy Gun and his wife Astonishing Anna and their children Kalinda, Justin and Daniel will meet at a VIP event to announce the opening of a new Restaurant in Vancouver.  This is another big  part of Tom’s dream.  It will be named “Tommy Gun’s” and the unique combination of Authentic Indian and Italian cuisine will make this a first in Vancouver.  The location will be announced at the event and it promises to be astonishing.

Tom said about the new gathering place “I have always had a passion to cook since I was a kid, it was one of the ways I kept myself going during my difficult times.  Astonishing and I are leaving shortly for Italy where she was born, to have some fun at an Italian Cooking school where I will learn to be a world class Chef.  We will have this Restaurant a gathering place for family and friends where memories will be shared and created, where anyone can come for an incredible experience of dining and family but most importantly, they leave with a lifetime of memories.  This will be a legacy that we leave to our children and I am searching for the best world class Chef’s right now to make this a huge success”.

As Tommy Gun left the HJ Centre he hinted at a future book that would portray his 30 years in the Corporate America as a “Hired Gun” and how he transformed his purpose to be a “Hired Gun” to help average people rebuild their lives and become Heroic.  Tom spent the last chapter of his career building a Networking Company locally and globally and created the platform financially to fund his incredible DMP that we heard about today.  As Tom left the centre he said to reporters “most people like we were, live in quiet desperation.  They just don’t talk about it.   We were living that way years ago until we discovered our DMP and then set out on our Hero’s Journey to change the world.  Our legacy for our children is now in place and I will spend the rest of my life travelling and doing what I was put here to do. ”

For the last hour after the ribbon cutting ceremony today, Tommy Gun was autographing copies of his new book “The Hero’s Journey, From the Edge and Back”.  Tom was emotional as he spoke to me about this book.  He said, “I captured the years of stories in my own life in this book, my masterpiece that I will take with me and read or give to children one at a time.  There are many awesome children and youth in this world who are not broken, they are perfectly broken and have gifts that they don’t realize.  My stories and experience will bring them into their Hero’s Journey with me and that’s all that matters to me, that I can touch one life at a time and make it better”.

Copies of Tommy Gun’s book will be available at Amazon and by contacting Tom below.  He will be on his media tour across North America and Europe beginning in 2017 promoting his book to raise funds for the HJ Foundation.  It appeared on the best seller list shortly after it was released 30 days ago.

About Tommy Gun:

Visit www.tomdutta.com to learn more about Tommy Gun.


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    1. renee shatanoff

      Each child is a hero who has immeasurable gifts. Your gifts, Tommy, are expressed in your generosity of spirit and loving heart. The HJ Centre gives these children a safe place to be who they are meant to be. I know your travels will take you to places where children are too sick, frail, and afraid to take their own journey. You Tommy are the bridge and key to help these children envision a better day and a brighter future.

  1. Cheryl Parker

    Tom … You are so inspiring!!! I love that you help each child find their hero within. You are a gift in the life of every child you reach. I am so honored to be on this journey with you!


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