It’s Sunday October 20th…OMG, today is the start of week 4….I am still standing and couldn’t wait to get started.  I took a trip to San Diego from Vancouver this Friday through Sunday related to my NWM business…I am a Certified Trainer.  I was held at the border and my car searched, almost missed my flight…I am such a changed man from the Master Keys…normally I would worry and over stress but I gave kindness to the border guard with my patience and I visualized while I was held in the waiting room, being on the plane from Sea Tac to San Diego.  Astonishingly, it all turned out perfectly, the trip was incredibly rewarding and I received more in gratitudes than ever before.  On the way home it hit me…I am now HABIT and as the First Scroll in the OG book taught me, I have replaced bad habits with good…hard to maintain daily…going well so far.  Knowing I was cruising the I5 and not home for 2 hours, I craved not missing the Lesson 4 Webinar of the Master Keys.  How could I miss something that was changing my life…most importantly, I craved keeping my promise to myself.  On the webinar the discovery of the chemical dependencies in the brain for peptides that link feelings to our subconscious past stopped me in my travels…I literally sat at a gas station near the border mesmerized with what I was hearing…for most of my past life and even day to day now, because of my old blueprint from my younger years, despite having all success….I keep finding myself not happy and not understanding why.  I work daily at figuring this out like millions of people do in the world, they live in quite desperation and never talk about it.

Wow, I made this HUGE breakthrough…my subconscious actually continues to make decisions that are selfishly designed to create those peptides in my body so I can feel that feeling I craved constantly, that feeling of comfort that comes from my past life…the feelings that my subconscious mind learned was comfort because it knew no different.  Aha!  I have learned through Master Keys and other learning that my blueprint was wired wrongly, and I have the power and tools to rewire it….rewire it so that I can live the life I want, not the life my subconscious mind craves because of a chemical dependency of the past.  OMG!

If you think this is witchcraft, here is a link to the video I saw today that explains the science behind “why we do what we do without understanding consciously why”: ….http://www.moviesfoundonline.com/what_the_bleep_do_we_know.php

It’s Monday afternoon and my morning was rushed, I didn’t fit in my routine for Master Keys but at lunch I resumed.  I really am starting to understand what giving 100% is about because the fact of missing my routine bothered me a lot.  In the Master Keys reading yesterday a nugget stood out for me…Part 4 #12 states “…modern psychology tells us that when we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure’ absolute, ignominious failure.  If I do not intend to do a thing, do not start; if you do start, see it through even if the heavens fall; if you make up your mind to do something, do it; let nothing, no one, interfere; the “I” in you has determined, the thing is settled; the die is cast, there is no longer any argument.”

This one habit has changed me for the rest of my life!  And it will prevent me from starting things and not finishing them…a wonderful habit for me and those in my life.

Tuesday arrived with gusto.  I am seeing the colored shapes all over and the connections are being made to my DMP and Service activities more each day.  I’ve read the OG Scoll 1 now for almost a month and each time I read it there is something new I see…today it was the olive tree and onion plant analogy…an olive tree takes 100 years to grow and an onion just months then it decays.  I am on a journey to be that olive tree…all great things are not created over night and the patience and commitment to the Master Keys and exercises daily are no longer an if, but a certainty.  The hesitation NOT to do the work is now gone.  I have decided to finish what I have started and be that Olive tree…for I know that I can only realize my Definiteness of Purpose one bite at a time and I can’t rush it… I keep sitting, thinking and teaching my subby how to manifest it.  The Peptides of change are astonishing!  The 15 minute SIT is becoming harder because now we are trying to eliminate negative thoughts…incredible.

It’s Wednesday October 23 and what a day it has been as I get ready to spend my last hour of the day at home.  Today it was a treadmill of work related meetings and at the end of the day my daughter called me while I was away from home and was in a panic.  Our Shih Tzu Shadow had hurt herself…I couldn’t get home fast so I tried to calm my girl down and my wife eventually took her to the Vet.  The dog is on medication and may have a spinal injury of some kind.  On the way home I had this epiphany.  The “I promise to keep 4 promises” card that we have been reading this week reminded me to give kindness at every turn when I meet someone.  I knew I hadn’t done my job so I made an extra attempt when home to hug my girl and my dog.  Today I bought a few people I knew a Halloween Starbucks pumpkin cookie and when they asked why I said “because I appreciate you”.  It blew me away giving to others without expecting reciprocity.    The Peptides can be tempting each day, I can feel it, but I am consciously now changing my thoughts and it’s awesome.

Thursday has come and gone and I am posting my blog tonight.  This week was a journey that I will never forget.  I caught myself doing 2 things that were designed to crave peptides of my old blueprint…OMG…I saved myself from my old HABITS.

12 thoughts on “WEEK 4: THE “PEPTIDES” OF CHANGE…

  1. Theresa Newell

    REALLY AWESOME POST. I read every word with full attention. It was like a review of our Week 4 Webinar and synthesis of Week 4 activities. I began reading as a completion of a required task. However, I was immediately caught up in the info you were sharing. Thanks so very much for brightening my day; clarifying my understanding of the peptides ; and, leaving me with an overall good feeling. You have greatly improved my day. Next Friday I will begin my blog visits with yours as I know it will motivate me. Thanks again.

  2. Michelle Mangrum

    Once again – Tom you RocQ!
    I loved reading your take on the peptide connections – it helped clarify for me.
    Glad you had a great time in the training – I will make it to one of yours in or before 2015.

  3. jamesdellostritto

    Haanel 4-12 also struck me this week and like you has changed me forever. Thank you for sharing your insights Tommy. You are an inspiration and it is a privilege to be on this journey with you.

  4. Nancy Mills

    So appreciate the reminder on the peptides connection to feelings occurring that don’t ring true with present reality ~ so earnestly bent on the outloud readings in particular with ENTHUSIASM to dislodge that old BP, appreciate you, Tom!

  5. Chris Elliott

    Love that movie and the part about how our thoughts create peptides that interlock into our cells. Keep up the good work.

  6. Stu Estler

    BAM! Tommy I love you! You’re discovery that you’re already living your DMP caused me to realize that I’m not so much looking for things I don’t have, I’m mostlylooking for how to experience more of what I already do have! Totally blew up that block I’ve been having! Thank You!

    1. tomdutta Post author

      Hey Stu…love you to bruddah! I was thinking the same way and blew up the block and that is the beauty of the MKMMA…we’re become the golden buddah we know we are…the
      rust is coming off baby.


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