Week 2 MKMMA: My Hero’s Journey Continues

It’s Saturday evening and I am anxious to start WEEK 2 with tomorrow’s webinar. I printed out the materials and am getting mentally prepared. This week was a week of mixed emotions for me…some days it feels like forces are working against my DMP…those you trust in your life you want to know they will be there for you…and the subconscious mind plays tricks. I can’t wait to get my DMP back from the course facilitators and take it to a deeper level. I am excited!

It’s Sunday Oct 6 13 and in a few hours WEEK 2 webinar starts. I’m now in the Social Media world with my journey. Follow me on twitter through my Hero’s MKMMA Journey @MKMMATOMMYGUN. I woke up and read my DMP out loud, read my BluePrint Builder which is creating a self-confidence formula in my subby, and Og Mandino’s Scroll 1 which each time I read it has new meaning…

Wow, the Webinar just finished and I had an epiphany….it was the chore exercise (write a promise to complete a chore on an index card with a Blue Rectangle)…each time that I see a blue rectangle now I associate that with completing that chore…it’s incredible. I was driving in my car after the webinar and spotted more blue rectangle shapes than before because my mind was searching for it…and each time it anchored the thought to get my chore done…I can now see how I can teach my subconscious mind to make decisions. The other breakthrough was learning that the subconscious mind has over 4 Billion synaptic connections every second and it doesn’t know what to do with that…the conscious mind has 2000…OMG, if you can teach even a fraction of that 4 Billion to go to work for you manifesting something great, it’s game over!

It’s Tuesday evening and more epiphanies…the SIT in the evening for me is creating energy and ideas that I have never seen before. There is no question that the information I am pouring into my subconscious through the Master Key readings and daily exercises is pulling out things that I could not have accessed in my conscious mind. In our NWM business, in just one week we came up with a relaunch plan that came out of now where with ideas that we know will grow our business to new levels fast. The epiphany is that I now know my subby has more unlocked ideas and I can’t wait to get back into my SIT and Think each evening to manifest more breakthroughs. WOW!

Today was a grind of a day for business and I ended up at a meeting in the home of one of my partners doing a presentation. In the back of my mind I noticed something different about my day. I had more energy and drive than the past few weeks, and I was yearning to get home and ready my Master Key and do my SIT and Think. What I am finding is that the power of the readings is changing my subconscious thinking every day…and I don’t even know it until I reflect on each experience after it occurs. I am going into my SIT exercise now…more on that tomorrow!

It’s Thursday evening now as I start my evening SIT and Think. Today was an incredible day of breakthroughs. I had a health practitioner at my home tonight to meet us…she shared she had a near death experience as a teenager and her Hero’s Journey back led her to our living room …as I read the MasterKeys and manifest more of the thoughts in my subconscious mind, I am attracting things into my life that are so on purpose for me. My other breakthrough is that I read somewhere this week in the materials that as you train your subconscious, you will have situations that normally would turn out poorly, become incredible successful experiences. I had a situation this week that I was so worried about, and when I met with this person the outcome was magnificent, everything I expected it would be and it was unexplainable. My thoughts are changing daily.

6 thoughts on “Week 2 MKMMA: My Hero’s Journey Continues

  1. Michelle Mangrum

    Love your commentary as the week progressed. I look to you as a leader in our business (as you naturally are) It is interesting to see that you as a seasoned veteran in our business have the same struggles as the rest of us. Your candid journal entries are inspiring – to me at least. Thank you Tom!

  2. Theresa Newell

    Your Week 2 is quite interesting. It is really motivating for me to read about the changes that others are experiencing and even more helpful to realize I am not the only one encountering challenges. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tony Profit

    Hey TommyGun… <<<HaHA I LOVE IT!!

    This post was REALLY interesting!

    The way you go through the week is so
    kool, you actually are taking us on the journey
    with you ­čÖé

    You're doing AWESOME!!!

    Have a GREAT Week!


  4. Tommy Dale

    When the student is ready the teacher will appear! Things just seem to happen serendipitously ! Is that a word? Anyway , life is tremendous don’t you think? I love your spectacular observations Tommy Gun!!


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