Week 1: Starting my MKMMA Hero’s Journey…

It’s my first night in the program and this afternoon I watched the first webinar.  The excitement was building and I couldn’t wait to get into the learning.  Last 2 days were enormous for me as my NWM company had a Regional event in my City of Vancouver BC Canada and I was mentally exhausted but excited after the event ended.  So coming onto the program the next day, Sunday, was a challenge for energy.

Once I completed the webinar there was a strong desire to get going.  As the day went on into the evening I began to make mental excuses about putting it off till the next day, however something made me go to my private office about 7pm and I started.

Writing out my BluePrint Builder and reading it out loud was a great experience, building my subconscious with positive thoughts about self confidence.  During the reading I could not think of anything but positive.  Then I sat for my 15 minute “think SIT” and it was amazing how my thoughts wandered to good thoughts and bad thoughts….one good thought came back after over 7 years…it was an experience I can’t describe because I had anchored that thought a long time ago to help me move through some difficult times in my life…I can’t believe it appeared tonight!

I read the OG Mandino Greatest Salesman in the World, Scoll 1 and it was very interesting…the breakthrough for me was wanting to read it again and again…that was unexpected.  Now I can’t wait to wake up and read that passage again, and reflect on what it means.  Reading the Master Keys for Week 1 was interesting and at the same time confusing,…what does it all mean I asked as I read it…but it left me yearning to read it again because I was drawn to learn more and discover.  So I will finish my blog and post it 4 days from now and commit to myself by writing this first passage that I will stay consistent daily with the exercises and readings.

Wow, it’s 7pm Thursday night and I made the deadline…I was able to get this week’s readings and SIT and Think into a Habit, I wrote my Draft DMP and sent it to the team and I feel incredibly humbled by the experience…so many breakthroughs this week in thinking and connecting to the new Mastermind group in the MKMMA Universe is Astonishing.

World, TommyGun is on a roll!!

16 thoughts on “Week 1: Starting my MKMMA Hero’s Journey…

  1. Kathy Zimmer

    Great post!

    I agree, Og’s book is fantastic and I had a similar excitement about wanting to read it several times to absorb the most benefit from it as possible.

    I gave the book to my sister and a couple of friends, so by now I’ve purchased at least 5 or 6 copies. Best wishes on your journey…and may the Shadow be with you.

  2. renee shatanoff

    The mental excuses get to everyone! You will find, especially in this course, mental excuses take wing and fly away. Good habits take over, and your body begins to move before your mind is aware. Observe these moments as they happen:-).

    1. tomdutta Post author

      That’s awesome and the beauty of blogging each week..capturing those breakthroughs as they happen.

  3. Brian Norin

    Nice work Tommy. I actually purchased the audio version as well as the 2 paperbacks that Mark J required. Reading as well as listening to the scroll by Og’s own voice was something special.

    My blog is listed above. Take a look and let me know what you think.


  4. Paul Straw

    Just getting settled in also to the new routine of daily habits to transform my life to what it should be.

    1. tomdutta Post author

      In 6 months you won’t recognize yourself Paul….great work developing HABITS…HABIT is success!

  5. WilliamGete

    I’m often to blogging and i really recognize your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your website and preserve checking for new information.


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