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It’s Sunday October 20th…OMG, today is the start of week 4….I am still standing and couldn’t wait to get started.  I took a trip to San Diego from Vancouver this Friday through Sunday related to my NWM business…I am a Certified Trainer.  I was held at the border and my car searched, almost missed my flight…I am such a changed man from the Master Keys…normally I would worry and over stress but I gave kindness to the border guard with my patience and I visualized while I was held in the waiting room, being on the plane from Sea Tac to San Diego.  Astonishingly, it all turned out perfectly, the trip was incredibly rewarding and I received more in gratitudes than ever before.  On the way home it hit me… Continue reading


My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

My Fiji Island Where I SIT and Think Daily

It’s Saturday and I just finished steam cleaning my dress shirts and pants…why is this so exciting? I have become a slave to good habits. I committed to my BLUE RECTANGLE last week and did a simple chore that I had put off for years. All man and woman fail because they do not develop good HABITS…I have trained my subconscious in just 2 weeks to be a slave to GOOD HABITS…I AM HABIT! Week 3 webinar Sunday…bring it on! And at this Thanksgiving time in Canada, I have so much to be grateful for.   Continue reading

Week 2 MKMMA: My Hero’s Journey Continues

It’s Saturday evening and I am anxious to start WEEK 2 with tomorrow’s webinar. I printed out the materials and am getting mentally prepared. This week was a week of mixed emotions for me…some days it feels like forces are working against my DMP…those you trust in your life you want to know they will be there for you…and the subconscious mind plays tricks. I can’t wait to get my DMP back from the course facilitators and take it to a deeper level. I am excited!

It’s Sunday Oct 6 13 and in a few hours WEEK 2 webinar starts. I’m now in the Social Media world with my journey. Follow me on twitter through my Hero’s MKMMA Journey @MKMMATOMMYGUN. I woke up and read my DMP out loud, read my BluePrint Builder which is creating a self-confidence formula in my subby, and Og Mandino’s Scroll 1 which each time I read it has new meaning… Continue reading

Week 1: Starting my MKMMA Hero’s Journey…

It’s my first night in the program and this afternoon I watched the first webinar.  The excitement was building and I couldn’t wait to get into the learning.  Last 2 days were enormous for me as my NWM company had a Regional event in my City of Vancouver BC Canada and I was mentally exhausted but excited after the event ended.  So coming onto the program the next day, Sunday, was a challenge for energy.

Once I completed the webinar there was a strong desire to get going.  As the day went on into the evening I began to make mental excuses about putting it off till the next day, however something made me go to my private office about 7pm and I started. Continue reading